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July, 2012
Music 11:26 PM

New Music: Frank Ocean

Just bought the album off of iTunes, PERFECTION.

MY GOD – this is serious mature soul/r&b/Black/Raw sounds.



Check out Billboard’s article on it too HERE

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January, 2010
fun 12:05 AM


Alia has a message for you:

“I’ve just launched a project I’ve been setting up for a few months now, and I was wondering if you could somehow talk about it on your blog. The project is called PostSecretKuwait. You might be aware of the original idea

I got in contact with the owner (Frank Warren) and he approved of Kuwait having their own PostSecret. Post Secret is a community art project where people create and design their own postcards with a secret encrypted on them, whether the secret is simply written on the card, or hidden within the image.

These postcards are STRICTLY anonymous, so myself and viewers would never know who wrote them. Each postcard is to be sent to my P.O.Box and every Sunday I will upload them to my website. The idea of this is for others to be aware that there is someone out there that shares same feelings, emotions, secrets, etc as them.

Please send your postcards to:

PO Box 26051
Safat, Kuwait
13121 “

More Samples here:

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