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March, 2011
women 11:48 AM

Spread: I can handle it

Ladies, this is for you:

“I am a Kuwaiti woman that really wants to learn about car mechanics. I want to learn about it because it’s important. When I drive my car, I always wonder if my car is ever going to stop in the middle of the road or high way. I wouldn’t want to wait for my brother or father to come fix it and I definitely don’t want to depend on a guy (stranger) either. The car is our only transportation source in Kuwait. Therefore, it’s important for everyone who owns a car to know the foundations of its mechanics.

I went to the public authority for applied education and training (the only place that offers a course about car mechanics) and asked about the course.

They told me that it’s not available because there are no girls interested. They also said that in order to open the course, I need to have a list of at least 15 girls that are interested, and then the course would be available by May 2011. I decided to look for those 15 girls by designing this poster.

The “I can handle it” poster.

Most of my friends don’t think any woman would be interested. Only 1 of my friends is in the list.

If you’re interested, please email me at:”

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January, 2010
Entertainment 12:02 AM

Abdullah Likes: Fieldrunners

I cant stop playing this game, I use this game everywhere, meetings, family gatherings, while waiting and dare I say it ? In long traffic phenomenons.

In my opinion, its the iPhone + iPod Touch version of Red Alert.

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Extreme Sports
May, 2009
Design 12:04 AM

Design: Bruce Munro's "Field Of Light".

Who am i to judge such talent ? I want to sit with him while he was going through his creative process. WOOHA !

Read on:

Cornwall. Bruce Munro’s iconic ‘Field of Light’ sculpture is installed at the Eden Project (Architect: Sir Nicholas Grimshaw) in Cornwall. The piece can now be seen on the sloping grass roof of the visitors centre, called the Link building, between the famous Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, and will remain there until Spring 2009. Bruce Munro and five assistants worked over three days to install ‘Field of Light’ at the Eden Project. It is made of 6,000 acrylic stems, through which fibre optic cables run, each crowned with a clear glass sphere. There are 11 external projectors; the stems themselves hold no electric power at all. The installation covers an area of 60 x 20 meters, using 24, 000 meters of fibre optic cable.

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