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November, 2011
Photography 12:04 AM

Favorite People On Instagram

As you can see I’m enjoying a very laid back vacation, having the time of my life, exploring, talking, eating, hanging out, reading and lots of family time whenever possible.

Speaking of exploring, Insta Insta Insta Instagram took a big slice of my attention lately.

Mentioned it a few days ago, so just to cut to the chase, i’ll run away with my fav peeps on instagram.

In no particular order - these usernames don’t always match on twitter:








Ofcourse there are more.

However, for the mean time, these names you MUST check out. Their pics are LIFE.


You asked for my username ? Yeah Yeah, I heard you. HAH!

its @p0ach

As If I had to but, you know ,, I just ,, **falls face down**

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March, 2010
Entertainment 12:05 AM

Results: Favorite Villain

THE HAWT & ZEXY Ursula, VILLAIN/Queen/Satan’s wife of the sea RULED your votes.

She sends you warm salty kisses for making her


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Extreme Sports
October, 2009
Food 12:01 AM



La Rouge cake ice cream. I LOVEEEEEEEE IT !!


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2009
class 2:23 AM

Class: My Favorite Color

YouTube Preview Image

2 Min 38 Sec Till 3 Min 17 Sec CLASSIC !

Some people on this video are the C in cute and some are the C in Class (p0ach standards ofcourse which is ClassLESS)

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August, 2009
Kuwait, Money, rumor 12:05 AM

Rumor Has It: Newly Weds Package

My favorite non islamic bank had a plan months back to launch a new campaign that highlights newly married couples in Kuwait.

General features were:

- A very flexable loan, really low interest rate.
- Exclusive accommodation offers.
- A gift voucher which is a trip to Dubai with a two night stay in Atlantis Hotel.

and many more.

I wonder what happened, no news of that wonderful/humanitarian offer came about yet. Lord knows these couples need that extra push, they have already been “budget” stripped. HAH !

Fingers crossed.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together