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April, 2012
fashion 12:04 AM

F2O Brand New Website

Check out their brand new website HERE


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October, 2010
interview 2:09 AM

Abdullah Interviews Fatima Al-Othman

P2BK was a portal for me to meet lots of wonderful talents in the country. F20 Designs was no exception, however I never knew who was behind it, the whole concept and what’s it all about ?

I met this wonderful spirit, the gorgeous and talented FATIMA AL-OTHMAN, electronically on twitter, we became friends almost instantly. The energy she brings about is amazing. For instance, i’d read tweets that’d go like this:

“Im having a great day//im about to meet a client//Green Apple//preparing a package//having breakfast” Its so refreshing to read tweets that are hate/complaints and drama free. I think it shows in her smile.

The iconic AFRO character she brought into the world is just beautiful. She created a guy who looks good in any hair style and anything he’s wearing. This iconic figure is the face of F2O designs, seen in nearly all her creations, here’s a quick sample:

This character is her own creation, nothing copied or duplicated, lets get that clear and out of the way. She went ahead and made lots of amazing artworks that are definitely creative, IN and current.

She even made something really special for *ahem* yours truely, the dinosaur, Mr.P0ach. HAH! But I cant share anything with you guys just yet, ITS A SECRET.

I hope you understand that this young woman, out of her own mental daydream series, created her own empire pursuing what she loves which came from within. She established a name, character, creative outlet and a loyal fan base. That, to me, is success.

Externally, she may be awesomely HAWT. What’s inside is double that and more. Beautiful, full of light and wonderful energy are only small fractions of what she is, get to know her yourselves !

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