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December, 2010
fashion 1:04 PM

What You missed from the F20 Exhibition

I went there and bought some items I loved alot. I bought things for me and for Queen Anmaar too, HAH!

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November, 2010
interview 12:29 PM

Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Ghanim

“Wow, these pics are great, who took’em ?” I kept asking the first time I laid eyes on the wonderfully talented & “B”eautiful Miss Dana Al-Ghanim’s pictures. A few days later I received an email from a friend telling me about her & the exhibition she held “wild eyes”. I smiled and kept my mouth zipped. Kuwait is so tiny and people are extremely meshed and mashed all together.

Aside from her talent as a photographer, courage and photogenic-fit-for-a-fashion-magazine-cover-full-10-page-spread, was her honesty. You’ll read her answers and feel you’v known her years ago. She opens up about her childhood, current state of mind and future vision, all of that and she’s still 17 years young.

Why am I excited about this ? Well, if you are that young, a woman, in a male dominated society, holding your own exhibition, bold enough to say YES thats my creation in a calm but an in your face attitude, what do you want me to expect of her and young women like her when they reach 27? These young people are success formulas, only the wise will comprehend.

This is where a salute comes to the parents, I call them the hit makers, they brought in to that young girl’s soul a seed called “I BELIVE IN YOU” “I trust you” “Yes, you are talented”, you can only imagine what the outcome will look like. Better yet, stop imagining and look at this live example, look at Dana.

Some say tell me what cologne you wear and i’ll predict your personality. With Dana, a glimpse of her photos gives you a full understanding of what she is. Full of life, hope and definitely a fearless spirit.

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Extreme Sports
October, 2010
Art 9:42 AM

Exhibition: AZIZ

Remember my AZIZ ?

Well our boy has an exhibition !!

Here’s the info:

For more detailed directions to get to 4, please call 24925444.

A big thank you to my babies 4thRingRoad for the info mentioned above.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
July, 2010
accessories 12:59 PM

Exhibition: CUFFS & COLLARS

We’re not dresses..We’re not shirts..We’re not skirts Or anything you might find in your closets..
We’re something NEW you would like to Renew!!
Our collection is practical, we design loose cuffs and collars that can be attached and detached simply to your outfits
Style up your simple shirts, dresses with a simple fairy touch by our chic Cuffs & Collars designs. . .

After our successful participation with one of Kuwait’s Exhibitions

Bait Diva infront of Al Amiri Hospital.

From 20th – 24th July 2010 // 9:00 am-1:30 pm & from 4:00 pm – 9:30pm


Facebook & Fan Page: Cuffs & Collars


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May, 2010
Art 12:03 AM

BBS: Art Exhibition

The nice people over at Bayan Bilingial School are holding an Art Exhibition with a noble cause. The message reads:

“The Al Bayyan Bilingual School are having an art exhibition on Mayy the 16th at 7pm – 9pm all the moneyy collected from the pieces we’re gonna sell are going to go to Bayyt Abdullah.”

Thank You Asrar

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May, 2010
Event 12:02 AM


The nice/hard working bees at the scientific centre want you to know about their fairly new exhibition bought all the way from the states. Here’s some info:

“Toured cities in the US, Central America, Asia and Oceania, and finally The Scientific Center. A T. Rex Named Sue combines thrilling science, engaging educational activities, and blockbuster appeal in one of the most successful travelling exhibits ever.

At 13m long and 3.66m height at hips, Sue is the largest, most complete, and best –preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered, and the dramatic life- size skeleton cast is the centerpiece of this exciting exhibition, along with other interactive exhibits, and a fascinating Dig Pit.

Natural history museums and Science centers around the world have shared the story of Sue the T. rex with their visitors. Now the Scientific Center of Kuwait is very proud to host this extra ordinary exhibition in the Discovery Place for 6 months until 30 October 2010.

Don’t miss this spectacular chance to meet Sue Face to face at the Scientific Center.”

For those who know that I am originally a dinosaur morphed into semi-human figure, you know I have to visit my ancestors and say hi bye may chay to my grand grand grand dino daddy, the viciously zexy T-REX.

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December, 2009
Event 12:05 AM

Exhibition: عتيج الصوف ولا يديد البريسم

Hey you guys, with phrases like “Naarik Wala Yanat Ahale, WE !, Yal hais aLarbad, is7aila Um ilKhalageen” Mr.Jassim Al-Saddah would like to invite you to his exhibition taking place tonight, wanna know what its about ? Read on LAZIES,

“The exhibiton is looking to preserve a dying facet of our own culture from quirky words to known proverbs represented in a modern way through digital collage and Arabic calligraphy” check pics attached:

The event is taking place tonight the 24th of December at 6.30pm @ ’4′ in Shuwaikh Industrial area, Mahdi Habib street, near the BMW showroom.

p.s: My favorite is Yalhais Alarbad. oh and you know who you are, yes ? *SNAP*

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