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September, 2011
Wisdom 12:01 AM

Be Wise, Read: Margaret Walker

“Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go”

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December, 2009
People 12:06 AM

People Worth Knowing: Dr.Moudhi AlHomoud


Minister Of Education.


Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Kuwait University 1973.

Master’s degree from North Texas University 1976.

PHD degree in Business Administration from London’s University 1979.

Love you Moudhi ;D

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Extreme Sports
July, 2009
Health 12:05 AM

Why I Went To Beirut: Dr.Merhi

The reason I went to Lebanon for this very short period was to meet Dr.Merhi.

In order to get an appointment with this doc you have to wait at least two months. He is very popular with people from the gulf region.

So lets break down the whole thing. He is a Homeopathy specialist, Electric Homeopathy to be specific. Basically, its a form of alternative medicine.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2009
People 12:05 AM

People Worth Knowing: Dr.Abdulrahman Al-Summait


Dr.Abdulrahman Al-Summait, Born 1947, CEO of Al-Aoun Al-Mubashir (Direct Help Organization).

He served as an Abdominal Doctor at Al-Sabah Hospital. He then, decided to dedicate his life to charitable work by going to Africa, served as a doctor there.

In 1981, he established the “Muslims Of Africa Institution” which is one of the most well known charitable institutions ever.

It is noted that he received many awards, two high profile awards which are King Faisal’s award for best charitable service in 1996 & in 2006, Hamdan Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum’s Global Medical Scientific Award for Science and charitable work.


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June, 2009
People 12:05 AM

People Worth Knowing: Ahmed Al-Rubei


Ahmed Al-Rubei? was a prominent liberal Kuwaiti politician, journalist, and professor.

He was a Harvard University graduate, where he received his PhD in Islamic philosophy. He was elected as a Member of Parliament in the National assembly of Kuwait in 1985, 1992, and 1999.

Served as Kuwait’s Minister of Education and Higher Education from 1992 to 1996. He was also a professor in Kuwait University’s Philosophy department.

He died on March 5th, 2008 after a two year battle with Brain Cancer.

We do not mourn your absence, we celebrate your life & achievements.

Kuwait is a better place beacuse of the likes of him.

We will never forget you.

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June, 2009
Event 12:05 AM

Dr.Aseel Has something to say (Pecha Kucha Event)

PKN organizer

Dr.Aseel Al-Raqam, a sweet reader, wants to tell you guys something about the “Pecha Kucha Night Event” :

” It’s something that I brought to Kuwait and is running with the help of Kynn and KASA. It is an international talk format done in places from Beirut to Paris.

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June, 2009
interview, People 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Shurooq Amin

Compressed_ ShurooqAmin_p0ach-in the studio 029

I have been blessed every saturday with local talents that blow my mind with their creative buzzing brains.

A dear reader, Ansam, introduced me to the wonderful, oh so talented, out of the box genius Dr.Shurooq Amin. She is the new definition of a woman who is a work in progress. At the age of 41 (yes, she’s not shy) reached everything a woman could ask for, yet you can sense her hunger for more and more bigger and better things to come.

She is a mother, daughter, teacher (KU’s University), artist, painter, former ballet dancer, top student, diver, gun-shooter, horse rider, interior designer and a writer.

Get to know her more, NOW!

Shurooq, introduce yourself to the universe ?

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