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August, 2010
Tech 1:05 AM


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**More RAW details below**

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February, 2010
Friends 12:00 AM

Have yall seen this ?

My gang/teachers over at 4thringroad keep on bringing it hard for yall, look at this amazingly put together piece of ART celebrating Kuwait Independance day.

I LOVE IT ! It looks utterly amazing.

Well done, Design Box, great job !

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Extreme Sports
February, 2010
interview 2:54 PM

Abdullah Interviews Rawan Al-Nafisi

Another blessed day for sure, I am beyond thrilled and happy to have today’s guest, the fine Miss Rawan Al-Nafisi to grace the front page of

Look, its very simple, a single young girl, at the tender age of 23, holding a cam, doing her thing on canvas, graphic designs, successful and has her own business, STUDIO R, means one thing and one thing only, Kuwaiti young women are the new formula of what success is.

Down to earth with her experiences and already has a “p0ach ANGEL” award without her knowing it, simply because, aside from her hard hitting professional job, she, has a passion on the side, photographing Kids. When you touch on a subject like that you own me. completely. You cant go wrong with kids thats all im saying.

Shy as ever from the outside, bold, powerful, determined and in control from the inside, meet a local HAWT angel blazing the way for whats IN, dope and successful.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2009
Personal 12:00 AM

Surprise Revealed !

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*Watch the Video First*

I am happy, excited, in love and beyond with my surprise to you readers.

I hope you fall in love with it as much as I did. I hope the surprise is worth waiting for.

There is a lot to say, discuss and celebrate. So you can either click below and read the full details now, or just look around, hopefully enjoy this piece of my soul that im giving whole heartedly to you.

Me and the design team can not wait for your constructive feedback “Strum me like a guitar, blow out my amplifier” and take me higher with your feedback

Categorizing works best with my brain so here is the breakdown:

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October, 2009
Design 12:01 AM

Design: Evian <3 Paul Smith

Cute, aint it ?

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September, 2009
fashion 12:03 AM

HK Designs


Local diva/extraordinAIR, Hessa, blazes with all kinds of head band designs that will blow your brains out.

” The Difference between style & Fashion is QUALITY”
Complete your stylish look with unique & fashionable hair accessories from HK Design hair bands.



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July, 2009
Art, Design, Photography 12:03 AM

Takayuki Nakazawa ROCKS !

I love his art, grab a look on more stuff below.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together