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May, 2012
Art, Awareness 12:04 AM

Dana AlNafisi’s Take On Re-Use 5.0

A friend showed me some random scenes, here and there from the reuse campaign.

The only thing that grabbed my attention is Dana’s piece you see here on the post.

I believe its made of recycled pepsi cans ? Im not sure, but its some recycled stuff. Loved it immediately, who can say no to gold glam madness ?

With that being said, please have a look at it, more details below:

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April, 2012
Food 12:04 AM

Dana AlTourah Cooking Class

We’re excited about our cooking classes this month, we’ve got a little something for everyone, from the strict vegan to the serious meat eater!
All our ingredients are being sourced from the market, and we will be using organic, where available. The classes are KD45/class, except for the Meat Class with Prime Cuts, which is a 2-day course, at KD90/person for the 2 days.
The classes will take place at Tatami’s kitchen, and will range between 3-4 hours of cooking time. After cooking, we’ll sit to eat what you all cooked.   
Classes are limited to 5 people per class.  Please see the attachment for the class descriptions & timings.
If you are interested, please call 222 51 258 to register.  
I look forward to cooking with you!
Danna Altourah
Executive Chef
Tatami Japanese Restaurant
Tel: +(965) 222 51 266
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Extreme Sports
February, 2012
accessories 12:02 AM

Orbs by Dana AlNafisi


DANA is offering you “Orbs” a uniquely crafted jewelry collection made specially for every occasion.

Description of the collection:

Yellow Gold & Amethyst

For more information:

+965 9745 7707

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
January, 2012
Food 12:06 AM

Cooking With Dana Al-Tourah

First of all, I must say I apologize for posting this so late. Been insanely busy.

Still, ya’ll probably have a chance to catch up with Dana, have a look at the attached document below:

please click on the pic for a bigger image.


Here is a bit of what Dana sent:


“We’ve got a healthy whole grain home cooking series coming up at the end of next week.  

I’m sourcing organic ingredients, and will use only natural whole foods.  We will not be using any white flour, white sugar, or any other unhealthy refined/processed foods. I’m going to be showing everyone how easy it is to cook healthy foods that are yummy too (also doing healthy desserts)!Individual classes: KD45/class

All 6 classes: KD230 for the whole series
The classes will take place at Tatami’s kitchen, and will range between 3-4 hours of cooking time. After cooking, we’ll sit to eat what everyone cooked.  Classes are limited to 6 people per class.  Please see the attachment for the class descriptions & timings.

Please call 222 51 265 for registration.


Danna Altourah

Executive Chef
Tatami Japanese Restaurant
Tel: +(965) 222 51 266 ”
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June, 2011
interview 12:57 AM

Abdullah Interviews Dana F. Mado

p0ach dear readers know how much I appreciate people who are gifted, beautiful inside – out and are just plain down to earth.

Today’s guest is a beautiful, 27 summers young mother of two with a career that reached international new grounds before its even done yet.

I had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with her in her glass/all white/ splash of black office at AlHamra HQ – while I was being dominated by a futuristic metal/glass/mirror/granite material outside by the reception right before her office. I felt like I was on board of The Visitors mothership. Minus the feel good smell of coffee surrounding us.

I must say that her french household name set of wisely chosen accessories and her semi indian beauty fused with arabian elegance blew me away. Professionally speaking. Then again, her wit takes her higher in my book, she became soulfully human.

The reason we met is because she wanted to tell me all I needed to know about AL-Hamra, with usual suspects like who – what – why – where and HOW. The designers/firm who built this building are international pioneers – Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. They create nothing but the best and have already received awards on this particular building. Please click on the link provided to go through their body of work, then revert back here in appreciation of what we have right here in the heart of Kuwait.

Dana showcased nearly everything to me from A-Z in a mini presentation covering everything followed by a grand tour all the way till the top of the building. Dont believe me ? HERE !

See that ? now thats how high I was. Literally. Oh and see how small that COBRA is ? *side note* why do the lovely peeps of this country love to give everything a name ? why do you call it a cobra ? AAH! – Well, your cobra now is a lizard, happy now ? I wonder what you’ll call our first ever sky scraper, El yanna ? *snap*

- Back to the future -

I already have favorite spots and ideas she threw my way like the SKY LOUNGE and the brand new AlHamra cinema – I was thinking of you readers, I was thinking of the places i’ll see you at, talking, socializing and throwing nasty remarks on the latest trends you saw at p0ach, Ansam and ilsula6an, yes ?

Honestly though, I love that ALHAMRA will have its own line of movies. Meaning, the movies you’ll see there are not the same everywhere else in Kuwait – this is the same chain you run to in Dubai minus the 30 mins cut/paste job done locally *ahem*

In other words, think UK – think Odeon and VUE – both have awesome movies, yet both are completely different. *we there yet ? I think we are*

You have to understand that Dana is the face of Al Hamra today. Its easy throwing words when you describe someone, however, please invest some time and think of her as a woman who meets people nearly everyday, making business, managing, presenting, arranging PR sessions and making sure every point is well recived from the other party.

I congratulate you and I am beyond honored to have you on my humble grounds. Positively sure you’ll inspire all my female readers and challenge those boys to come steps closer to where you are today.

We talked about everything, she knows my secrets & Im glad to call her a friend.

Please read on and fix your eyes on the beautiful pictures Dana shared with us all !


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April, 2011
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Otaibi

One of the main reasons why I love doing what I do is the fact that I get exposed to people from all walks of life.

The graceful and highly talented Ms.Dana Al-Otaibi is a breath of fresh air. Sits on the throne of PINK COFFEE marketing and PR company as a partner and operational manager, only 23 years young.

I met her twice, I remember one day when I went to their head office she held the iPad (back when it first came out) and was so proud of it, she and Shamlan gave me a semi-walk through on the intricate and different levels of sophistication the iPad had. I remember how nice and kind she was to me. She even gave me the iPad to try which pissed Shamlan off, HAH! I love them both, dearly.

Honestly though, for DANA to be involved in programs like The Proteges, Mtubtub and everything else PINK COFFEE does is a form of beauty. Why do I say that ? Because I sincerely believe that camps that raise awareness, entrepreneurship, health, well being and a BIG chunk of value back to the country do not succeed unless people running it are Philanthropists. To me, thats the highest form of beauty ever in existence. Then again you’ll explore her different talents as you read on. Not to mention she owns sole copyrights to a smile that heals all.

I hope her presence here will help nagging men and women who doubt our youth, stating through sharp, cutting edge facts, that those who can help, inspire, be there and uplift us with their energy, physically EXIST. Miss Knowles was never wrong with her latest effort “Girls Who Run The World” Women and young ladies like Dana are definitely a main inspiration.

I love the direction of Pink Coffee and will always be one of the main supporters if they allow me. One look at that mashed up piece of art you have up there says everything.

Dana is part of this creation.

Get to know her more …

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November, 2010
interview 12:29 PM

Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Ghanim

“Wow, these pics are great, who took’em ?” I kept asking the first time I laid eyes on the wonderfully talented & “B”eautiful Miss Dana Al-Ghanim’s pictures. A few days later I received an email from a friend telling me about her & the exhibition she held “wild eyes”. I smiled and kept my mouth zipped. Kuwait is so tiny and people are extremely meshed and mashed all together.

Aside from her talent as a photographer, courage and photogenic-fit-for-a-fashion-magazine-cover-full-10-page-spread, was her honesty. You’ll read her answers and feel you’v known her years ago. She opens up about her childhood, current state of mind and future vision, all of that and she’s still 17 years young.

Why am I excited about this ? Well, if you are that young, a woman, in a male dominated society, holding your own exhibition, bold enough to say YES thats my creation in a calm but an in your face attitude, what do you want me to expect of her and young women like her when they reach 27? These young people are success formulas, only the wise will comprehend.

This is where a salute comes to the parents, I call them the hit makers, they brought in to that young girl’s soul a seed called “I BELIVE IN YOU” “I trust you” “Yes, you are talented”, you can only imagine what the outcome will look like. Better yet, stop imagining and look at this live example, look at Dana.

Some say tell me what cologne you wear and i’ll predict your personality. With Dana, a glimpse of her photos gives you a full understanding of what she is. Full of life, hope and definitely a fearless spirit.

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