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October, 2011
accessories 12:04 AM

Which One ?

I asked the folks on twitter and they went crazy.

As you can see, we have three different sizes. One for ladies, one for youngins and one for adult males.

I know many women like to wear men watches, it looks cute on them too.

Would love to know what you guys would go for.

*I own none of these watches, we were in a gathering and I thought why not line them up and see how the crowd likes them.

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February, 2010
hawt 12:04 AM

Soccer Scene Brings the HEAT

Well you dont have to believe me, this spot is HAWT, just look at the crowd.

Check out Buzberry’s blog for some nice info and amazing photography.

Boys, soccer fans, this spot is located in the avenues, phase 2, first floor, opposite to Napket.

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Extreme Sports
November, 2009
Entertainment 12:01 AM

Me & Beyonce in LALA LAND

YouTube Preview Image

First of all, please dont adhere to the sound quality as it is not that good at all because “ahem” * cough* *cough* I was in the very very very first row and the base sound was killing the shoot. I took some pieces from here and there, the last part of the video was the cherry on top of my Johnny rocket’s strawberry shake, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I was quiet while shooting cuz *clumsy me* i thought this will help in making the sound come out nicely *snap*

Everytime you see Beyonce coming closer to us, I have aliens jumping up on me, screaming (really really loud), hollering, I almost dropped the video cam, you’ll see it.

Now, the Show:

Lala land was in Port Ghalib, Egypt

It was amazing, amazing, amazing !

I wont be talking about it, who Am I to do so ? Its Beyonce, DAMN IT ! Its Beyonce *snap x3*

I will say this though, she LOOKED AT US, WAVED, WINKED AND SENT US not 1 but 2 FLY KISSES, ME, fahad and 7amani, oh and to top it off ?? We all held her hand.

The Journey:

We paid for the cheapest package. It includes, accommodation, airplane ticket and attending the show. We wanted to take full advantage of our offer and make it more expensive (in experience) then the rest, WE DID !

My friends, The 2 Abdullah’s (ma yakilkom il theeb), F, 7amani and G were the crazies who made sure we get to the show very very early to get the best seats in the house, oh so help us god, WE DID !

We were so envied that 7amani’s back was left with a message from a female beyonce fan who wanted to stumble upon him HAHAHA LOOK !!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
September, 2009
Kuwait 1:27 AM

Why do they stand there ?


For what reason ? Honestly ? and I say that with no hard feelings what so ever, I just genuinely want to know.

Got a clue ?

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