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February, 2010
Auto 12:01 AM

Boys: Are you invited ?

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February, 2010
Personal 12:03 AM

Abdullah’s Quote On Student Talk

I saw this on Frankom’s website, and I thought this guy p0ach, Dino, wonder boy, abdullah or whatever his name is kinda fun LOL, Frankom has the full interview, but I took out this quote only, check it out fully there or in Student Talk.

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Extreme Sports
November, 2009
Entertainment 12:01 AM

Me & Beyonce in LALA LAND

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First of all, please dont adhere to the sound quality as it is not that good at all because “ahem” * cough* *cough* I was in the very very very first row and the base sound was killing the shoot. I took some pieces from here and there, the last part of the video was the cherry on top of my Johnny rocket’s strawberry shake, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I was quiet while shooting cuz *clumsy me* i thought this will help in making the sound come out nicely *snap*

Everytime you see Beyonce coming closer to us, I have aliens jumping up on me, screaming (really really loud), hollering, I almost dropped the video cam, you’ll see it.

Now, the Show:

Lala land was in Port Ghalib, Egypt

It was amazing, amazing, amazing !

I wont be talking about it, who Am I to do so ? Its Beyonce, DAMN IT ! Its Beyonce *snap x3*

I will say this though, she LOOKED AT US, WAVED, WINKED AND SENT US not 1 but 2 FLY KISSES, ME, fahad and 7amani, oh and to top it off ?? We all held her hand.

The Journey:

We paid for the cheapest package. It includes, accommodation, airplane ticket and attending the show. We wanted to take full advantage of our offer and make it more expensive (in experience) then the rest, WE DID !

My friends, The 2 Abdullah’s (ma yakilkom il theeb), F, 7amani and G were the crazies who made sure we get to the show very very early to get the best seats in the house, oh so help us god, WE DID !

We were so envied that 7amani’s back was left with a message from a female beyonce fan who wanted to stumble upon him HAHAHA LOOK !!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
September, 2009
web 12:05 AM

Shoojy Dropped By P0ach

Screen shot 2009-09-13 at 10.13.43 PM

All you shoojy Fans, your girl dropped by and has a message for yall

but before you read it, Shoojy, I have a special message for you since your a reader now:

” Please Shout out on your show, since you mention everyone from your fans to Facebook, THANK YOU”

oh and I like you a whole lot :P

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September, 2009
Tech 12:05 AM

HAWT: Viva Shows p0ach LOVE !


SSHHHHH !! keep this on the low, I have been contacted a while back from the “very kind people” over at the PR department @ Viva to join their secret committee of friendly users, i replied instantly with a YES. Specially with my utmost content using the previous “white” Internet USB service 7.2 MBPS, I loved the experience ever since !

I just picked up this babe and it can be described as one thing ” IMPRESSIVE “ 21.6 MB/S BLAZING SPEED !

Technicalities are not really my thing, yet here is what I found:
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August, 2009
Kuwait, People 12:04 AM

Word Terminology: Chicken Nugget

Take this post lightly, cuz its silly as hell:

Prepare to be slapped in the face if you use it infront of me/to my face, its nasty, cheesy and so unwanted.

Oh and dont get me started on the other one, McChicken, ishtaboon !?!? ARAF !

conversation would go like this:

- ishloon iflana ?

– walla ya7lailha bas typeha chicken nugget oo english school.

I say ” JAD JAD CHUB ! with an afro-American *SNAP* “

AGAIN, for the blind/deaf/illiterate by choice, Please note that I say this with a big smirk on my face so dont take it seriously HAH!

Oh and speaking of afro american snaps, Sarah, sent us the video of the infamous Miss Jay, snapping at the end of his acceptance speech, i found it funny and whats up with the cat walk “FEEYACE !” watch it from 2 mins away:

YouTube Preview Image

(skip to 3 min, 15 secs where he says ” it makes all of you as fierce as me, BAAM snap” LOOOL this man is insane, thanks again Sarah

P.s: I say stick to Kafikh, yal kafkheen, wayed abrak :P

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July, 2009
class 12:02 AM

Class: Windows New C.E.O

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I swear that this is not a joke. Thats who he is.Steve Ballmer.

Bless His heart. I cant wait ;)

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