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May, 2012
Food 12:24 AM

Chocolateness: Cookie Molten

Lord knows this baby came just right on time.

I remember how I was in the middle of the ultimate hair grabbing – dress swaging – sharp tongue fighting and endless arguments at work – Basically the situation was KiSHEEEEESH and I was sitting in the middle sofa – just sitting there in silence. I was praying for an answer to take this mess away – when the Tea boy (Burhaan, imma call him BuHTaan, cuz this broth lies a lot, AWWWW) came in with this box of goodness saying “Chocolate Box for Abdullah”

“Yes yes, thats exactly what I want – probably throw some at ‘em, might cool this mess around” is what I thought.

OHHHH it was HAWT HAWT HAWT, literally hawt and fresh-outta-the-oven – so all of a sudden I go “boys and girls, chocolatness brought this brand new ,,, ” remember SIMBA from the lion king ? remember what happened to the father at the valley ? THATS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. I wanted to go on but oh my ! the pushing and shoving reached me and …

just when I thought everything I wanted to hear went out of the window, the moment that thing went to their mouths, I heard them going “OHHHH – AAAAAAH – WOOOOOOOOW – OH MY GOD”

This is where my face went blank. Just like this dot right here ————> .

All of a sudden they started giggling, having a good time and SIGNING PAPERS. Really ? are we signing papers now ? where was the ,, – Oh well, as long as they’r happy. Guess Sugar rush went straight into the right directions.

One of them was blushing for some reason, actin all shy, coy and stuff – wanted to slap the hell out of her “Your husband aint here, hell is your problem ?” – “*smiling* Madree shfenee, faja’a ista7ait” – See that ? I won’t go there cuz thats a glimpse – a glimpse I tell you of the KiSHEEEESH that I was in.

The girls were having so much fun, they went ahead and started to whip that hair out of excitement

Boys too but I won’t go there, its just too nasty to mention. mm hmm.


LORD SAVE US & حسبي الله عليك يا راكان، تهبلوا العيال

Want to have a similar experience ?

Call: +965-2296-0606

Ask for their brand new Cookie Molten. 

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February, 2010
Event 3:54 PM

More Love: The Cookie Bag

Oh my, its official, we are flooded with love and could not ask for more. LITERALLY.

The queen of home made cookies has more zexy creations for this fine love season, see more stuff below:


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Extreme Sports
August, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Nouf Al-Mulaifi


Nouf nouf nouf, what can I say ? Today is a blessed day. One of my favorite people is finally on

My dear readers, she has graced my heart as a big sister and the blog as an exclusive contributor. She is a local superstar already, to me, known as THE QUEEN OF COOKIES, in my book.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2009
Food 12:58 AM

Exclusive: "Cookie Trifle" from The Cookie Bag


Blessed as ever. I have been given the opportounity to test drive the all new ” Cookie Trifle” from the cookie bag.

In my humble point of view, I think that the owner, Nouf, is a local superstar known for her highly sophisticated, yummy, ohh so soulful home made cookies. On a personal note, I find her very generous.

This, however, is different. I came close to it, before even opening up the tightly closed lid, I smelled the choco, the moment I did, it started calling me, asking me, tempting me to have a peak inside.

and that I did.


Look, I usually take a pic of the actual piece I take out. This piece of defined excellence  was more than just “ohhhh, thats tasty”. One spoon, only one, ofcourse cannot satisfy you.

I blended the spoon through it, had different layers of thick, thin & soft clusters. In that pool of blissful fantasies, I came across an oh so profound un-identified cluster for a mere man. A multilevel of chocolate, cream, cookie chips & brownies. My first spoon was just simply delightful.

Not heavy at all, yet yummy to the fullest. Indulge. Just dip in, smile and have another spoon.

My rating is a proud 9.5/10. SUPERB !

Nouf, I only expect excellence from you. As always, YOU DELIVERED.

What you need to know, however, THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOU MERE MORTALS yet.

When will this be out?

2 weeks.

How much ?

7 Kd Only.

When should we order ?

24 hours before.


Tel: 9992 – 5566

The Cookie Bag

Facebook Page

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May, 2009



A reader sent this in yesterday:

Fortune Cookie Boutique
Multi Brand fashion and lifestyle boutique

Fortune Cookie is a “trend boutique” which offers more than pretty designer clothes, accessories and Quirky lifestyle items…
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March, 2009
Food 1:03 AM

The Cookie Bag "Can't Get Enough" Wickedly Sweet


Before I review anything I always look for personality. DO not ask me why i do it, its just in me. The Owner, N, is a total sweet heart. All her family members, that i know of, are too. She puts the G in generous. When she sent me a sample of her lovely creation, I thought I’ll see one typical box with cookies shattered in it. She actually sent me not one but THREE boxes with all kinds of different flavors in’ em.

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March, 2009
Food 12:04 AM

Exclusive: The Cookie Bag, Wickedly Sweet

Coming soon, cookies from a local angel.


Keep your eyes on this space for a special review.


Tel: 99925566

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