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October, 2011
People 1:59 PM

People Worth Knowing: Dr.Salah AlRashid

On twitter @salrashed

Active in Human Development, Spreading Peace, Enlightenment, Love and Inter-Bridging Cultures.

A person that I am a fan of and will definitely be joining his centre January 2012. Joy Club.

If you follow him on twitter, listen to his radio show, watch him on youtube or interact with him on Facebook, you’ll get a grip of these major points:

Raising awareness – Broadening your horizons – Consciousness – Human behavior – Meditations – different takes on the world we live in today – STRAIGHTENING out thoughts on those who claim to be “religious” and have the answers to “everything” – Breakthroughs in thought process – and finally on a personal level, I find him witty.

Found a nice source of information about him on Wikipedia, still, it needs lots of work due to its lacking info.

People alive today who bring in high frequencies of consciousness in their work that affect me are people like Dr.Salah, Deepak Chopra, Tariq AlSuwaidan, David Hawkins, Amro Khalid and the man who introduced me to this field in its entity, Eckhart Tolle.

Please watch this short video of Dr.Salah discussing “Avatars”:

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October, 2011
Awareness, Book 12:58 AM

Book: Power VS Force

One of the books that will change your life. It transformed the essence of my very being.

Whats beautiful about it is the deep/intricate/highly soulful topics revolving around human consciousness.

Why do I think it will change you forever ?

Please take a moment and look at this map of consciousness

This graph shows you different levels of consciousness.

Do you know that 85% of humans living on earth are under the level 200 ? Only a handful are up there.

Questions that will probably rush to your brain cells:

What is consciousness ?

Why are there levels ?

Who’s David ?

Spiritual seekers know what Im talking about. Non seekers, do your research.

Im not being mean or not helpful, trust me I want nothing but your well being. However, it is a small test that’ll determine how much you want it.

I was blessed to have a person who tested and surprised me with results. I’ll just say that I am beyond thrilled. The biggest gift i’ll ever receive were the words he uttered. If that person allows me, i’ll interview & try to make him available for you guys. HE IS AWESOME !

Only one little thing to highlight here, the book tends to have a scientific approach, if this approach is ok with you then go ahead. Its a must have.

Get it on:



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