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April, 2012
Event 11:36 PM

Event: Color Life

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December, 2011
Travel 10:22 AM

Goyard: Colors anyone ?

Click on the pic for a bigger pic.

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Location:Mount Street

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Extreme Sports
May, 2011
Art 7:37 PM

Eye Candy: Color Vortex

Whats this ?

Find out here !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2009
People 12:04 AM

Meet Jassim Al-Nashmi


I love those with a quick and brave creative outlook. They’r different, these people have a spot here for sure, just be creative!

The table he created is not uploaded yet, cuz we have to get the pics, yet I’ll share the story and some behind the scene pics before the actual table is showcased, consider this PART ONE in getting to know Mr.Jassim.

Jassim Al Nashmi

Sophomore year Architecture student in Iowa State University.


Why did he do this?
I was in Kuwait for the summer and 3 months can get boring if it’s the same old routine over and over again. So I wanted to entertain myself but didn’t know how. Me and my mom were refurbishing my room and I wanted a laptop table, mummy saw this as unnecessary, so I decided to make one.

I was walking around in Carrefour and I saw the hangers and it hit me. They were green in color when purchased and it was horrid so I over-sprayed them with red spray paint to get the gloss effect. They were connected using hot glue (glue gun) but this isn’t enough to make it structurally sound; it would fall over if you nudge it.So after taking the pretty photos I made a 7kg base and stuck a steel rod down the middle and made a circular glass top that screws to the rod.


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August, 2009
class 2:23 AM

Class: My Favorite Color

YouTube Preview Image

2 Min 38 Sec Till 3 Min 17 Sec CLASSIC !

Some people on this video are the C in cute and some are the C in Class (p0ach standards ofcourse which is ClassLESS)

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August, 2009
Art 12:03 AM

ART: Paris Gets Colorful

Reulf from Charlesque

Its a bit long, Yet, so much fun.

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July, 2009
Art 12:00 AM

HP brings it!

Matt, the guy who did this is JUST ABSOLUTELY INSANE !! I LOVE THAT BRAIN OF HIS ! Give it to me ! Give it !!


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together