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September, 2011
fashion, style, women 12:01 AM

NEW: Sun Flower Beauty Centre

Just got this from the elegant beauty queen, Athba:

Just wanted you to be the first blog to post sunflower pictures. We open in Jabreya Block 1a Street 1 Building 86 2nd floor, apartment 11&12. This is a soft-opening – call for appointment” Its the same building where Zero Degrees is located.

Tel: 55695000

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September, 2011

NEW: Ali Abdulwahab Home Centre

Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co. opens the most modern Home Center in Kuwait.

I have the full press release for you guys in arabic and english !

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Extreme Sports
September, 2011
Design 12:04 AM

Design: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Lately, been obsessed with beautiful architecture from all over the world.

This one is one of the nicest things I’v seen lately, great stuff.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2011
Food 12:05 AM

New Goat & Cow Haloumi Cheese at TSC

Passed by Sultan Centre yesterday for a quick item/grab/escape mission.

Passed by my favorite section, cheese and dairy mess, found a kind indian lady promoting this brand new GOAT cheese haloumi and Labnah too.

GOAT cheese ? WOW !

There’s a testing booth right next to her, she asked me to give it a go, I did – it was amazing!

Miss Cow I love you but your haloumi and labnah were too salty so I skipped you and went with my new suga mama, Miss Goat.

Then again, is it because im a capricorn ? HAH!

KOKO thoughts aside, I loved the packaging. Its very – how do I say it ? – DUETCH/EUROPA/MONTROUEX.

Oui ?


As I was reading some labels in the tea and coffee section, I heard a group of girls passing by me, then a fully figured one passed beside me, I just did a quick look – you know, the regular – right left – look, then went right back to my tea.

I SWEAR she went “ish yabee hatha i6ali3 ?” // Ofcourse I kept my eyes and senses focused on what im doing – ignoring her very existence.


Now listen girlfriend, ask your self three simple questions:

1- Why would I look at you ?

2- Suppose I did, what then ?

3- Why the vulgarity ?

My dear, if you answer and/or know how to read, then, and only then we’ll talk.

Trust me, Im not mean. Its just a reality slap on your neck, no no, not your cheeks, your neck.


You know what you said to your friend/cousin/sister is a lie. (NO i was not sneaking upon you, you were screaming out your personal life in the chocolate/oil/fat and sugar section – Bless those items)

He did what to you ? and you said no ? AAAH !

**Thank you for making me feel normal**


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March, 2011
Event 8:08 PM

Event: Clover Centre Charity Festival

Click on the pic for a higher resolution.

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January, 2010
Food 12:05 AM

Review: LOFat Diet Centre

200 Calories for this creamy top, crunchy bottom, soft on the mouth strawberry cheese cake is nothing. The feeling it gives you screams priceless. Literally.

It all started when my lil sister recommended LOFat for me the other day. I contacted the nice people over there (and managed to have them as my sponsors, smart aint i ? HAH) explained to them that after I finished my nasal surgery, I needed something to stablize my weight cuz iv been doing nothing but staying in bed, eating and the cycle goes on and on.

I went to their trendy place/office infront of Nino’s sea side restaurant. I didnt expect to see all that minimal design excellence in it. Its very cozy and the people were very friendly, specially the Kuwaiti lady in the front desk, a dime.

I went to the dietition, a really elegant lebanese lady, extremely friendly and huggable. I explained that I wanted my 5 Kilos back – lighter that is – (HAH!), then maybe some more – we sat, talked, made measurments, went through ups and downs, and finally came up with the a food plan. A lunch plan to be specific. Cuz that works well for me, my crazy schedule.

Ofcourse they have all kinds of meal plans for yall, all you have to do is ask. Very flexable and easy to deal with the peeps over there, they know us, they know our lifestyle so its not that hard for them to “GET” why we are insanely obsessed with time, some of us are, umm, I am ? LOL

Yeah, that being said, the nice lady was asking me what kind of food I like, dislike so they can make something exquisitely beautiful all put together. I mentioned the only thing I didnt like, its only one thing and im not sharing what it is. Then I gave her full freedom to make my food nutritionally beneficial as possible.

I really didnt want to know what my food is, I wanted that surprise element when I reach home, i thought it would feel great to be served something new everyday, and boy oh boy lemme tell you, I WAS SOOOO RIGHT !

One day, I would have this

or rice, pasta, chicken, fish, new vegetables (to me at least – that taste great) always with Salad and sweets. All under 1200 calories. I loved it.

The most important thing to me was how they made me love fish. Fish is not a dish I would order anywhere in the world unless im home. I explained how I did not want to smell “Zifar” see bones or taste anything unusual. She promised me that none of that would happen, I was skeptical, said OK regardless.

When the fish arrived right on my plate I was in BLISS mode. 1st, there were no bones to be seen. No fish smell at all/zifar, and the taste was right on point SUPERB ! Usually I share my dishes with my bro who passes by with the dreaded ” shino hatha ?” I prepared my hands for an on top of the wrist quick slap, HAH! no one is touching my fish, thats mine.

Another important thing to me was not thinking of food at all. I just come home, everything is ready, my brain was always inquisitive of whats infront of it, me, my brain and senses loved what we had, everytime something new either to my eyes, my taste buds or overall sensation, its a joy and after each and every meal I always felt light, very light and well put together just like this

Since yall are looking for your hot buds to show up/show out and show off, you know you need to get that brain and belly whipped and into shape.

The guys at LOFat wanted you to know that they also have a segment called Lofat Juniors, since people aren’t really aware that there is a diet center just for kids and that they currently have a great offer going on.

Stop self loathing, shame and unnecessary drama, save your time, yourself and youth, get it together, and BECOME something else, they can help you but only YOU can make the change by taking the 1st STEP.


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December, 2009
Food 12:02 AM

Abdullah Likes: Schweppes

This is amazing, its like they brought it back from the dead.

You can find it at Sultan Centre.

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