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April, 2012
class 12:01 AM

Class: Pot calling the kettle black

Wow, beautiful.

Love the accent. Ofcourse the voice is timeless.

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May, 2010
class 12:01 AM

Class: Judgement

The pot calling the kettle black

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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
rumor 12:02 AM

Rumor: Name Calling

A little birdy tells me that a parlimant member will change his name from human/kuwaiti name to a dogs name.

I guess it suites him pretty well. I mean if he wants to, why not ?

Ofcourse this is only a rumor or a dark gloomy wish, who knows.

Come to think of it, i’d call him “Poopy the LOUD DOG” so when a conversation occurs this is how it goes:

Me: Hey why did you bark at the neighbours ?


Me: Ohh I know, you went there, you didnt GET what you WANTED ?

Poopy: Nodding head.

Me: Shame on you, but then again, a dog will always be a dog. A dog will always follow the MASTER.

Poopy: WOOF WOOF “Tail wiggle”

Lemme see you decode that smart pants !

“I dont think its true ofcourse, but I like it”

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