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February, 2012
Music 7:16 PM

Chris Brown & Rihanna: Together Again

Thats what Barbados women do. #Hypnotize

They came back with 2 new tracks.

Honestly, loving Chris’s track more than RiRi

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October, 2011
Motivation 12:08 AM

Raspberry Cream Cake Sunday Morning Post

Been working real hard on lots of projects, photo shoots, future posts and lots of exciting stuff. Some for me, for the fam, work and ofcourse YOU guys.

I feel like I know alot about my readers *ahem* the obvious “I hate sundays//School//Work”

They say “What you resist, persists”, allow me to ask you to give into sundays, work and school. Give in, let everything flow, dont try to control or resist what’s infront of you.

You’ll be surprised how things’ll appear once you let go.

I dont want to give lots of details, the more general my lines are, the more I know you guys can relate to it.

Try this:

- When streets are super crowded, try not to go crazy with horns or get controlled by your brain that screams “za7maaaaa”. Say ” i know its crowded, it’ll be ok in a few seconds” smile, + know that you just monitored yourself, your thoughts, to many of you, that’ll be a brand new experience.

- Let people pass, give way to those crossing the street. Put yourself in their shoes. It takes lots of courage to do that.

- Make someone happy. Give, share and protect if you can. Everything you give will come back to you even better than you imagined. Whenever I give 1 KD, I, at least get 10 KD back. Thats a fact.

- Smile, comprehend that you are a gift, your presence on earth is a blessing. There’s no such thing as COINCIDENCE. You are meant to have all the dysfunctions and KOKO mentality and insecurities you THINK you have. Everything is there because its meant to be so. Even you reading this line right now.

You are a gift. Smile and embrace this fact till the rest of the day. Week. Month. Your entire life.

*******Thank you @fhaid for taking this pic, tagging me with it. I thank GOD for your existence in my life. A rare gift is what you are, glad to call you my best friend.

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Extreme Sports
August, 2011
product 5:34 AM

Whats this ?

Find out more HERE

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2011
Food 9:44 AM

Snack Factory: Lava Cake

I wanted to talk about this cake but I think Ansam nailed it.

Check her post out.

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April, 2011
Food 12:27 AM

Muffy Cake “all proceeds go to Japan” week

Muffy Cake is doing an “all proceeds go to Japan” week. Where anyone that orders from April 3- April 9 will get to enjoy yummy desserts, while the profits of the desserts you are indulging go to the Japanese Embassy to help Japan.

Make your orders now, and gain harmless calories for a good cause!

FB group: Muffy Cake
Twitter: @muffycake07

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February, 2011
class 12:59 AM

Class: Cake

YouTube Preview Image
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February, 2011
Kuwait 8:46 PM

Surprise Cake Revealed: Le^Notre

The cake is covered with 24k edible gold - representing the Golden Anniversary of Kuwait and decorated with Al Nowair flowers. The sponge is colored with the colors of our flag.

Flavors; green pistachio, white vanilla, and red raspberry.

See I told you Pistachio will make an appearance. HAH!

It looks like a piece of art.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together