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May, 2011
Motivation, People 1:15 AM

Ahmad Al-Romeadheen Sunday Morning Post

Why Ahmad this sunday ?

Read his incredible story below. Its all real and I have lots of photos with it too.

Maybe he’ll inspire you.

*Hint* He’s trying to make something go UP – look at the pic !

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May, 2011
Money 1:37 PM

EVERYBODY JUMP IN: What do you think of KFH’s new cards ?

I worked so hard to make this happen. I am beyond happy and proud of what the whole team created. LOVE YOU BOSS !

Want your feedback on the following question:

What do you think of KFH brand new cards ?

Its worth mentioning that these cards have many features like:

- An all new transparent design.

- Brand new micro-chip (Like the one used on the iPhone 4)

- Scratch resistant (Matt finish – not glossy, we learn from whats been presented in the local market)

Oh and the Queen has a message for you !

Like KFH or not, please answer the question, DESIGN wise.

Thank you in advance !!

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Extreme Sports
July, 2009
Entertainment 12:04 AM

Harry Potter Rocks the U.S Box Office.

Rank Weekend Total Weeks Screens Weekend screen avg. Cumulative
box office
1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
$77,835,727 (%) 1 4,325 $17,996 $158,022,354
YouTube Preview Image

I love this clip ! creepy.

Anyway, im so glad that an over rated movie (not this one ofcourse) on the same list, did not do as expected. YES !

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