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May, 2011
Tech 1:40 AM

First Look: Blackberry Bold 9900

YouTube Preview Image

It has an iPhone feel to it no ?

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November, 2010
Tech 12:04 AM

Torch: ZAIN’s Offer

My friend Yousef, told me that ZAIN has a hush hush – low down offer for those interested in the brand new Blackberry Torch.

I definitely am interested for the one reason:

- I need to stick to my friends, I seem to be outta loop on nearly everything they discuss.

- I would not mind the vulgarity/noise since its not my major phone, so if im bombarded, i’ll throw it somewhere or better yet shut it down, HAH!

Whats the offer ?

Buy a ZAIN postpaid (fowateer) line with the NEW Blackberry torch for 145 KD.

I thought this is great ! Then, they gave me even more reasons to get it, they said:

“Why pay full? you can pay through installments, just leave your credit card here and pay us 28 KD a month/automatic”

I thought about it for a minute and went “why the hell not ? imma choose that plan”

So I did, and here I am, the boy with the best two gadgets on earth with a nice offer THAT IS ABOUT TO END REAL SOON by the way.

I bought it from Soug Sharq’s branch.

Blackberry Torch review ?

You cant be serious, im not reviewing it, thats like dissing tech kings out there, I suggest you google it. However, here are my quick 2 cents:

Love the big gorgeous screen, feels creamy on the hands (cuz its too smooth), the NEW software (6.0 UI) is beyond amazing, very easy to get along with, Love the slide feature, love the touch screen, but then again you have a full fledge keyboard,  5 MP camera, 3G, wifi, bluetooth and the whole nine yards. AND NO its not slow, its pretty fast !

So iPhone and Torch ? The sizes ? yeah I know, have a look here:

Super sorry/ low quality pics I know, but I did it really quickly, didnt have time to snap snap snap.


Before you go to any branch, call 107 and check if there are available devices where your heading.

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Extreme Sports
September, 2010
phenomenon 1:26 AM

Phenomenon: Space/Clutter Part 2

I made a post about clutter/stress back in MAY. More things popped up so this is part 2.

“Less is more”

I love 3D graphics, visual stuff and sophistication in all forms. Thats why I thought i’d use this technology on myself.

3-4 years ago, I started using a program called Mind Manager by Mindjet, extremely popular. I use it for all my projects at work and I use it when I want to travel somewhere to get everything up and running. Plus, you get to have a bird’s eye view on all your tasks in a split second.

This time I made it personal. I made a mind map visualizing my life as the centre piece and whatever I throw in are elements that I deal with everyday.

Lots of mental effort ofcourse but its all good cuz you get to see cons and pros real quick.

Coffee // Phones // People

These are the elements that I went back and forth on, with no clear answer until I came up with solutions for each and every issue.

Ofcourse nerdy readers will realize that all these three elements share one particular feature. Social Network. Thats what these three revolve around.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2010
Kuwait 10:42 AM

My friend got this, did you ?

If its a dagga, fine.

If not, we gon speak tagalog/haitian/code language that you wont even think of decoding.

I create languages. Start imagining what kind of mess i’ll be throwing your way now, and no it wont be zexy.

Decode this MOFO “Lets play catch 22″ shall we ?

Decode that !

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May, 2010
Tech 2:12 PM

Official: Blackberry 6

YouTube Preview Image

Found this video on blog37, the video is showcases lots of interesting features minus the nasty dancing.

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January, 2010
Motivation 12:06 AM

Blackberry Sunday Morning Post

Good morning kids, im high so bare with me.

Many things are happening around me and all are going well, even the messy website issue is a blessing, I LOVE every single bit of whats happening around me.

This sunday in particular is full. My schedule is full. Two projects, two bosses and an “extra”. Man, the mix should be amazing, cant wait for the laughs. HAH!

Oh and for the lovelies who think Blackberries are phones ? Look at the pic.

Smile, your still alive and life has so much to give. RECEIVE !

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December, 2009
Tech 12:05 AM

Review: Blackberry Bold 9700


Our new friends, Orbit Fone are beyond amazing with their generosity. Aside from them being our new sponsors, they were super kind to send us their latest addition of phones, the all new Blackberry Bold 9700 as a gift. Unbranded, Multilingual, arabized keyboard. EATABLE !

Here is the thing, I have been playing around with it now for three days and I have alot of things to say, yet I’ll just tag along the things I think you should know about since alot of you are already familiar with the Blackberry family. I have to point out though that this is the “take no mess” model, Why ?

Because all the previous models were playing chess with us in statements like these” This model has wifi but no 3G “or “This model has 3G but no Wifi”

Girl keep that mouth shut, cut the crap and give me what I want, give me the whole deal. This baby has 3 damn G, Wi freakin Fi Oh and edge on the side just incase yall need it, Kapeesh ?

Being a corporate boy in the zexy heat of this country gives you an extra push to perfect your work, get it done quickly & efficiently. Well, the new 9700 gives ou that obviously and more, elegance.

Grab on below to whats HAWT !
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