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May, 2012
Personal, Spiritual 12:05 AM

Signing Books: A New Earth

A few weeks back, I had an image of myself signing books to beloved colleagues at work. Wanted to share with them the knowledge that was/is and continues to bestow upon my being. I imagined writing a personal message to each and everyone I cared about and knew that they’d read this.

Never had the chance to make that a reality until now.

You see, I was looking for a book by an author who brings peace and loads of awareness. Found out that the ministry had his books on the X list.

Really. This is so funny for me to deal with.

Something in me goes “Sigh” another “Come on, really?”.

Because Eckhart taught to take the moment as it is, a decision arose within and whispered “Ditch the country, get it from Dubai”.

Amazing is it not ? I travel now to get books.

Wont discuss the state of illiteracy and lack in houses of knowledge.

Then again, I could have asked friends to get it on their iPads, just like I do. I felt it was inconvenient so I decided not to entertain that thought.

This book – A New Earth, is the reason why exists. Why I smile all the time. Why I never look my age. Why I always always always get more than what I want. Why I pray in peace. Why and how I feel the stillness of the almighty.

Might be rambling a bit but I don’t really care.

I enjoy the care free state of mind I know I’m blessed with.

With every living element in me, I wish everyone could read the book. I genuinely do.

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May, 2012
Awareness 12:02 AM

Aware-Ness: Care

“70% of abused children turn into abusive adults”

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Extreme Sports
April, 2012
Awareness 9:37 PM


“Solidarity. It begins by putting oneself in the shoes of the others”

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2012
Awareness 12:02 AM

Aware-Ness: Domestic Violence

jala prt   1 of 3   clothes   ogilvy indonesia   jakarta

jala prt   2 of 3   dishes   ogilvy indonesia   jakarta

jala prt   3 of 3   mop   ogilvy indonesia   jakarta

“Jala PRT - National Network for Domestic Workers Advocacy - When domestic helpers themselves need help”

Hope this throws some light into your lives. How you communicate your message with those who help you around the house.

Kindness is key.

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March, 2012

Aware-Ness: Recycled Cotton

“Recycled cotton collection – by Crane Paper.”

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February, 2012
Awareness 12:04 AM

Aware-Ness: Keep Them Safe

Keep your child safe.

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February, 2012
Awareness 12:01 AM

Aware-Ness: Save Water

“One less “Thriller” can save up to 54 liters of water. / Leave your inner singer out of the shower”

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together