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July, 2012
News 12:44 PM

Avenues Mall: Working Hours + New Multi-Purpose Hall

The Avenues Working hours During the holy month of Ramadan:

The mall operating hours from 10:00 am to 2:00 am.


Restaurants and Cafes: 5:00 pm to 2:00 am

Ø  Paul:                                            10.00AM till 2.00 AM

Ø  The Butcher Shop & Grill:       12.00 PM till 2.00 AM



Ø  Morning Shift:                           10.30 AM till 03.30 PM

Ø  Evening Shift:                            7.30 PM till 12.30 AM


Carrefour: 10:00 am to 1:00 am



  • Most stores working hours:

Ø  Morning Shift:                           10.30 AM till 4.00 PM

Ø  Evening Shift:                            8.00 PM till 1.00 AM


Azadea Group


Ø  Morning Shift:                           10.30 AM till 4.30 PM

Ø  Evening Shift:                            8.00 PM till 1.00 AM


Habchi & Chalhoub


Ø  Morning Shift:                           10.00 AM till 4.00 PM

Ø  Evening Shift:                            8.30 PM till 12.30 AM



Al Yasra Group


Ø  Morning Shift:                           10.30 AM till 3.00 PM

Ø  Evening Shift:                            8.30 PM till 12.00 AM




Ø  Morning Shift:                           10.00 AM till 01:30 PM



New Multi-Purpose Hall:

The New Expansion of The Avenues will add a new dimension in the world of shopping, through a combination of new brands, and miscellaneous services that will meet the needs of different shopper. Beside it will include Multi-Purpose Hall with attractive design which reflects the luxury of The Avenues other than the outstanding location on the fifth ring road.

Hall design features attention to detail and aesthetic, The space area of The Hall about 700 square meters and can accommodate more than 500 people, also the hall is mediates with a giant 8 meter chandelier to adorn the ceiling, and the ground is covered with a Handmade carpet designed specifically for the Hall.

The Multi-purpose hall has two levels, ground-level Hall contains a dedicated free space for reception and small rooms for services, the first level contains the control room for lighting, sound and photography and another room with a balcony for the VIP guests. The Hall is equipped with the best sound and lighting equipment, with all the requirements of modern technology to serve all kind of events.

The Multi-purpose hall has a private entrance with a unique design on the fifth ring road, which will facilitate the entry and exit, and another entrance from The Avenues through Prestige.

The New Expansion of The Avenues comprises five unique districts; The Grand Avenue, Prestige, The Souk, SoKu, and The Mall which includes the Jewelry Zone – the largest of its kind in Kuwait – and a children’s area. Each district has its own theme and distinct atmosphere.

The New Expansion will add a new dimension to the project, putting it in the forefront of the world of shopping.

The New Expansion covers an area of 100,000 sqm with a leasable area of 95,000 sqm. This includes more than 400 units located across the five different districts.

Once the New Expansion is inaugurated, The Avenues will be one of the world’s largest malls. Its total leasable area will exceed 270,000 sqm, with more than 800 units and parking for around 10,000 cars.

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March, 2012
Entertainment 1:41 PM

*Exclusive* Behind The Scenes: Flashmob

Behind The Scenes:

Original Video:

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Extreme Sports
February, 2012
Kuwait 4:09 PM

From The Heart: Full Official Video

A gift from the heart to each and every Kuwaiti individual – including mum and dad.

Worked so hard, this is for you – I love you !


Download the musical Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here Here here

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2012
Event 6:06 PM


Its not the full video  :nohope

I don’t know who did this but this definitely made my day. LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!


THE PEOPLE WERE ROARING FOR IT – Feedback on twitter is off the hook !

Thank you SARA for sending this in.

Pics from the Avenues Account on twitter:

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December, 2011
Tech 12:05 AM

Avenues: Bose Store

Friends urged me to visit BOSE new store in the Avenues. Specially @Halfcreammilk who tried their TV.

TV ? I never knew BOSE had their own TV. Plus, their best headsets are best friends of mine. Thought I wouldn’t want to buy a thing, wrong!

Loved the spacious location, everything about it was nice, till this came along.

I thought – “wow, a theatre eh ? – lets see what they got”

If you can watch closely, you’d see some sheets covering speakers, main subwoofer and side speakers too.

Wont say much, just go there and enjoy BOSE’s greatness. However, focus on the TV.

It looks like a regular TV set yes ?

Here is the thing:

1- Crystal clear TV with built in surround system, nothing cheesy, its the BOMB !

2- With the TV comes its own media centre. See that black box next to the tv ? thats it. Basically, you plug your HDMI-out gadgets like PS3, Nintendo Wii, HardDisk filled with media, Apple TV and watch it directly on TV.

This means you don’t plus anything to the TV, everything is in that box. No plugs, no wires, no clutter, GREAT !

3- Universal remote control. Makes sense. After you throw all your mess in one device, you definitely need one thing to unify everything.

4- ipod/iPhone dock. Just plug your device, let it charge and you can browse the whole content too. It’ll even play videos.

I like it.

Think this whole set is zexy, imagine mixing this mess with OSN ? WOOOOOH !! *Scream N Shout*

The price ? you wanna know how much for this baby ?

Read the rest of this entry »

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November, 2011
fashion 9:20 AM

HAWT: Franklin Marshall

Moving along to a really hawt new spot in Kuwait, Franklin Marshall.

They did the place justice. Loved it.

In case you didn’t know, clothes are uber trendy, IN, different and will definitely save our eyes from unnecessary visual pollution.

In my opinion everything is sorted together nicely, environment was just right & the staff were really helpful. I didn’t even know we had a Franklin & Marshall store till yesterday.

BOYS, TRUST P0ACH, RUN RUN RUN and get whatever your hands can grab before its all sold out. Friend was frustrated, every time he wanted to buy anything, answer was “sorry sir, we don’t have it now, its sold out, BUT COME TOMORROW AND WE’LL HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT”

Thats today.

Run along now, show them legs strutting all the way up there. For the lord almighty’s sake, please go alone or with a friend who KNOWS what works with you k ?


Avenues – Ground Floor – right after Dean & Deluca, walk all the way till the end of the hall.

Official Website

p.s: Multitrend, you nailed it with this one. CONGRATS !

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April, 2011
web 11:53 AM


[snaplet id="2181" width="510" height="700]


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