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December, 2009
phenomenon 12:01 AM

Phenomenon: Colors Splatter


Phenomenon section is lively again you guys, finally.
This piece is a bit special to me simply because it has been published by ABWAB magazine, in their latest issue which was just out.
I hope you like it, its real and from my heart to you.

Heavy bodies. Thats what you see when you hit any spot in the country.

Do not be tricked by the phrase ” Heavy Bodies ” for I am not talking about kilo grams, I am talking about how heavy souls are.

I remember when I went to Starbucks the other day with a big smile on my face due to some great news I heard over the phone. A woman was waiting for her order, I could tell she was in “haste” mode. The feet were tapping, the dis-comfort of waiting, watch gazing and finally, the inevitable ” why is this taking so long ? ” she screamed.

I continued smiling, minding my business. I always pass by this branch so I know the employees. We had our usual quick chat. We tend not to discuss my order since they know it very well so we talk about how work/family/vacation/plans are, then end up with a funny statement and burst out laughing.

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