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June, 2012
Art, Friends 11:46 PM

2 things I like

Random Random as always, a friend of mine bought me this cute little note book from the UK. Claims that its colors are reflected here on the blog. Its always those small things/gestures that make us smile. THANKS !

Speaking of gestures, look at this !

An underground artist in K-town made this sketch of myself, him “Mohammed AlMuhanna” and Bawiii (saba). You’ll be seeing lots of him here on the blog and I’m hoping he agrees for an interview spot.

His work is amazing and is based on mood swings, lord knows these swings or hours of unconsciousness bring out the best of us.

Thought i’d share these two things with you guys.

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June, 2012
Uncategorized 2:36 AM

Gothic cathedral – took 6 centuries to complete. #Madness #Art #Greatness Milan, Italy. (Taken with Instagram)

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Extreme Sports
May, 2012
Art 9:35 PM

Art: Saad Mosajee

Self-taught illustrator Saad Moosajee has been exhibited in multiple galleries and published in a multitude of magazines and books. His latest works dubbed “Nature in Technicolor” showcase the artists whimsical and playful style applied to the animal kingdom. Using abstract forms and colorful interpretations, birds, lions and owls set against a soft white background are presented and executed wonderfully.

Take some time and look and that picture, it has loads of depth in it.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2012
Uncategorized 4:16 AM

Life is Beautiful. #EllaFitzgerald #UK #Blues #Art #Graffiti (Taken with instagram)

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May, 2012
Art, Awareness 12:04 AM

Dana AlNafisi’s Take On Re-Use 5.0

A friend showed me some random scenes, here and there from the reuse campaign.

The only thing that grabbed my attention is Dana’s piece you see here on the post.

I believe its made of recycled pepsi cans ? Im not sure, but its some recycled stuff. Loved it immediately, who can say no to gold glam madness ?

With that being said, please have a look at it, more details below:

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April, 2012
Event 11:11 PM

Event: Alwaan Art & Fashion


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April, 2012
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Thuraya Lynn

Having an honest artist that combines humor, inner beauty and is actually humble is thoroughly fresh to me.

Kills me how Kuwaiti talents are wholeheartedly welcome outside the borders of this country, how minimum media attention they get in here, don’t believe me ? Just google her name, find her presence on multiple art platforms from around the world.

A team mate at work knows how much I appreciate asian/japanese related art, he’s an artist himself, showed me Thuraya’s work and I immediately fell in love. Thuraya’s brush strokes were clean, innocent and honest. Sent her an email instantly.

Its beautiful how diverse and multi talented this little country of our is.

Go ahead, get to know Thuraya Lynn

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together