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September, 2012
politics 12:01 AM

Michelle Obama’s Speech

Never into politics, not a thing of interest in the world I occupy.

Thought of sharing it with you simply because while I was watching I was reminded by Female parliament members in K-town that might need a lesson or two – Public Speaking.

On another note, I find Michelle charming. Maybe the first lady I ever saw who goes out sleeveless, looks good on her. #RockedIt

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April, 2012

World in Conference

WIC-Kuwait organizes live video dialogues between Kuwaiti youth and American students in the United States to constructively discuss cultural similarities and differences.
Facilitators on both sides ensure an emotionally secure and positive space for participants to share their thoughts and question their perspectives.

The conversations are held every week at the AWARE Center in Surra.


To create dialogues about social and cultural issues that expand perspectives and invite greater understanding between people–locally and globally.


Using the Socratic Method and honest, open-ended questions, facilitators take an ideologically neutral position that allows participants from all groups to candidly excavate their personal stories, experiences, and views. This approach makes possible the meaningful and productive navigation of complex, contentious issues.


The expression of one’s viewpoint on an issue is the beginning of an individual’s greater understanding and knowledge of that issue. And the experience of doing so in a group setting can create a synergy between participants that advances critical thinking, community, bridge building, and self-understanding.

Thank you Mafaz Al-Suwaidan.

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Extreme Sports
May, 2010
fashion 12:00 AM

Vegas: Zexy Zebra

A friend sent me this all the way from Vegas.

ZEXY is in. hah!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2009
Event 12:03 AM

NUKS: Long Beach California

I see you, I see you Nuks :P You log in to p0ach at  3, 4, 5, am, bringing the heat all the way from Cali, Miami, Newyork, Chicago, Boston, Nevada and atlanta, I see you and thank you for dropping by.

On thanksgiving, there will be a big event, conference in California, I wish everybody over there would join in, hop on the train/plane and be part of the cause/get together.

check them out HERE.

p.s: Hawt Zexy ppl of Cali and Miami, tell me this, do you dip in the sea still ? get wet and soaked while I eat/bite the dust ? * snap *

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September, 2009
Awareness 12:03 AM

Aware-Ness: FUR Trade

They say “its a harsh reality” right ?

Well, my friend, Salma from KSA, sent me this video that kept my stomache aching, my eyes tearing and my brain freezing.

Before you watch the video, please note that its EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.
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September, 2009
AD 12:03 AM

AD: Star Studded Macy’s Promo

YouTube Preview Image

I like it !

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July, 2009
Food 12:00 AM

World’s Largest Cupcake

YouTube Preview Image
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