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April, 2010
Travel 1:08 AM

Ice Cold: Zell Am See

Zell am See is the capital of the Zell am See district in the Austrian state of Salzburg. It is the second largest city in the Pinzgau, with about 10,000 inhabitants.

Zell am See is a tourist destination and a transportation hub for the region. The German name “Zell am See” means the Italian “Cella at the Lake”.

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So I bought this quick intro from Wikipedia – cuz I had to highlight the name, many people think they know what Zell am See means but no *snap* & double *snap* Wiki got the answers for you.

Why am I talking about this now ? Cuz its one of the spots im about to touch down on during my big eurpoean tour with my friends. The travel agency kept telling me that this place has loads and loads of demands from the boys and girls of Arabia.

I could not believe it .. .. while I was in my disbelief moment, i remembered the number of pics I snapped back in 2009 when I was there with the family, an incident came to mind which only proves what the agency is saying.

Here is the thing:

Me and the family were enjoying the moment and this spectacular view which we had to go through gazillion tele-freaks, HAH, to get to the top of this fine mighty mountain

We were light years away from heaven, however, earthly heaven was alright too, devils make an appearance, dont believe me ? look at what we saw  ..

Writings on ice from the land of arabia ?  Here ? up here ? but who ? and where ?

Ahhhh there they were, murmuring words as we approached, as if we are the enemy, preparing ice balls, words far away from wisdom thrown at eachother with a douchyy laugh


We were accompanied by a lovely guide, she went “theee boys always come heeeYaa, they go school, germany, weekend come heeyar”

Ofcourse, me being another boy from arabia, the way down was a bit narrow and I had to come close, so I greeted them, they did the same, very polite actually so I was comfortable specially with my family around.

Few moments later, while we were sipping some hot coco, our lady guide “il fas3a” went and talked some nasty mess into their brains which i still dont know anything about, and SURPRISE SURPRISE got attacked ! ice balls from everywhere, EVERYWHERE, she ran ran ran like a mad woman and came to us rushing with a big big smile and said “They Buut ize inzide my clothes !! “ THEN flashed her feminine organs placed in the chest area to be specific and screamed infront of everybody “SEE SEE LOOOOOK LOOOOOK, TOUCH !! COOOLDD !!” shaking her body with a nasty BRRRRRRRRRRRRR, then laughs hysterically.


“All I could think of was the state she’d be in if I splashed my hot coco at her mug”

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February, 2010
Design 12:01 AM

What Am I Doing

Some of the renovation mess in my room. I want this dilemma to end. Immediately.

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Extreme Sports
December, 2009
Music 12:04 AM

Music: Three Words

YouTube Preview Image


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2009
Entertainment 12:01 AM

Me & Beyonce in LALA LAND

YouTube Preview Image

First of all, please dont adhere to the sound quality as it is not that good at all because “ahem” * cough* *cough* I was in the very very very first row and the base sound was killing the shoot. I took some pieces from here and there, the last part of the video was the cherry on top of my Johnny rocket’s strawberry shake, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I was quiet while shooting cuz *clumsy me* i thought this will help in making the sound come out nicely *snap*

Everytime you see Beyonce coming closer to us, I have aliens jumping up on me, screaming (really really loud), hollering, I almost dropped the video cam, you’ll see it.

Now, the Show:

Lala land was in Port Ghalib, Egypt

It was amazing, amazing, amazing !

I wont be talking about it, who Am I to do so ? Its Beyonce, DAMN IT ! Its Beyonce *snap x3*

I will say this though, she LOOKED AT US, WAVED, WINKED AND SENT US not 1 but 2 FLY KISSES, ME, fahad and 7amani, oh and to top it off ?? We all held her hand.

The Journey:

We paid for the cheapest package. It includes, accommodation, airplane ticket and attending the show. We wanted to take full advantage of our offer and make it more expensive (in experience) then the rest, WE DID !

My friends, The 2 Abdullah’s (ma yakilkom il theeb), F, 7amani and G were the crazies who made sure we get to the show very very early to get the best seats in the house, oh so help us god, WE DID !

We were so envied that 7amani’s back was left with a message from a female beyonce fan who wanted to stumble upon him HAHAHA LOOK !!

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October, 2009
Food 12:05 AM

World Famous: Sacher Cake


I promised you some reviews from my european tour.

This babe/cake/tummy hugger, is a favorite amongst my family members, new to me however.

You know how kuwaitis love to name everything the way the want right ? They call this cake “Sakhar a.k.a stone”. Regardless of how the fellow smurfs of my lovely country call it, its a world famous cake known in two countries, Austria and Germany.

I ate this in Zell Am Se. Lemme tell you, its heavenly.

Whats in it ?

Its a choco cake, one of the layers has a strawberry jam smeared into it, another layer of dark choco, cream on the side, oh and for some strange reason, a french sweets spoon ? The combination makes women want to get married and boys loose it on the dance floor. Fair enough ?

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September, 2009
Event 12:04 AM

EVENT: Aym Strong

Newsppaers aD-1

Please click on the AD for a bigger version.

Info on the side:

Its a siminar that will be hosted by Dr. Abdulla Al-Mutawa and Mr. Ahmad al Majed.

Dr.Abdullah Al-Mutawa, owner of Rijeemy will be talking about the art of diet, about the body/metabolism and loads of other diet related stuff.

Ahmad Al-Majed owner of Pro-Vision,finished marathon ‘de sables’ and Ironman. He will be talking about how to manage and power up your will.

Support them by showing up, be there, be interactive, be PRO-Active.
Good luck to the team.

Thank you OSAMA & ESSA

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March, 2009



I feel honored and humble.

3 of the Biggest/Best blogs in kuwait added me in their Blog roll.

I am just a new kid in the block-o-sphere and for these giants to recognize me is just amazing.

Thank you very x 1000 much.

I do not know what else to say ;)

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