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July, 2011
hawt 12:04 AM

SO PROUD OF YOU: Abdullah Boftain Goes To Palestine

One of my dreams is to go there, there to Palestine. I really really REALLY wish I was there.

BEYOND proud of you and everybody from AL-RAI team who went there. Hope all your attempts (whatever they are) become successful and you all come back to us safe and sound.

Abdullah, you’ll take me with you next time ok ?



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May, 2011
Entertainment 11:42 AM

Kings of KOUT Part 2

YouTube Preview Image

بعد عمري المرازيييق

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Extreme Sports
May, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdullah S. Boftain

What I love about my guests is how open and trusting they are of me. It honestly feels great and overwhelming to find such rare spirits.

Abdullah Boftain today is a well known public figure to me and you all. However, I never knew his story, what was he really famous for, what energy did he bring about that reflected so much love from everyone around him ? I never knew that. Extremely pleased that he accepted my invitation for an online interview, it gives me so much pleasure to finally understand the many layers of knowledge, experience, family matters and self embrace he went through to get to where he is today.

Some people do not require an introduction, they’r people made for people. You see them everyday and think yeah I know this guy, but do you ? really ? As awkward as it may seem, i’d rather let him take you down through his journey and let you guys know eachother better.

As you’ll read on, you’ll find out how following your passion is the way to go. Abdullah sets a great example through the stories he shared with us all tonight. On a wonderful note, he admires local viewers, how they think and react gracefully. Yet, he sets his sight on higher grounds, international stardom with a message that leads positivity all the way from all aspects of life (you know im cheering for him right?).

I talked about how open he is, you see, he shared lots of information and personal pictures that includes family, traveling, personal stuff that just make you smile when you go through’em, you can tell he is an adventurer in a way or another. Very human, if I may add.

I’v always given a p0ach angel award to some ladies who graced the front posts of interviews, today, Abdullah is the first male recipient of a p0ach angel award, simply because his love and passion for his family is evident in each and every answer, so full of life and higher then the average man’s hopes and expectations on how to go about and do things. Awesome, just awesome!

Help me to give this young gentleman the warmth and love this spot is known for. Enough of me and get to know my guest.
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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
October, 2009
News 12:04 AM

Alrai Newspaper shows P2BK love

I love the attention this newspaper is giving p2bk, for the fourth time now.

Other newspaper should participate in pushing these younging forward.

Click here to view the full pdf document here.

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September, 2009
Event 12:04 AM

Proud To Be Kuwaiti

My dear friend, Dhari, sent me this piece of info which is very very dear to me for one simple reason, supporting kuwaitis in their small business build up, have a read below:

“Proud to be Kuwaiti is proud to announce its full page every monday with Al Rai Newspaper covering Kuwaiti Small Businesses, achievements & P2BK News.

Waiting for your feedback everyone. Hope you check it every Monday and enjoy the news.”

Check out the PDF file on AL-RAI NEWSPAPER.

Thanks Dhari.

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September, 2009
Entertainment 12:03 AM

Confessions: Abeer

YouTube Preview Image

I think she is very polite. He was the opposite. No ?

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June, 2009
Entertainment 12:00 AM

Her again.

You know, im not going to comment no more.

Yet, read this.

You go girl ! go out there and get your man !

Since you dedicated a full poem to your imaginary love affair, future baby daddy. I decided to dedicate this as a gift from your future hookup to YOU. its called ” Youma Ishloon KHAD 3idhaa ” ?

YouTube Preview Image

Nice no ?

By the by, how many saloons collaborated in making this hair mania happen ?

I know I am beyond nasty.

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