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June, 2012
interview 12:35 PM

Abdullah Interviews Rakan & Badder AlGhanim

A friend of mine, Hussain Al-Essa typed a really well written sophisticated intro for One Paint, I couldn’t argue with him, not one bit:

“The first thing you need to get your creative juices flowing is leg room. Some of you go out for a change of scenery but how about changing your environment to welcome random solutions and to organize your thoughts? No I am not talking a notepad or a sketchbook. Try a whole wall.

A message kids have been telling us with their crayons on creativity. After recently installing Idea Paint on my home office wall, I do love the freedom to both brainstorm and stay organized. Idea Paint is a paint that turns your wall into a whiteboard, just grab your marker and start mind mapping your upcoming projects.  Suitable for home, work and school, the more space you have for your ideas the more good ideas you end up with. A solution for productivity, Idea Paint just might keep you away from the mundane. Urban Q8 recommends this product.”

That was one of of the many recommendations I came across on auntie google, don’t believe me, just google ONEPAINT yourselves and check the results.

Very happy to have Mr.Rakan & Badder AlGhanim both on board with us on where they’ll highlight info about the product, themselves and bits from here and there.

You know how we do it over here, we go light all the way.

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December, 2010
Entertainment, Tech 11:58 AM

Gadget: PS3 SLIM

No, I didnt buy it to play video games.

I bought it simply because its the best way to view your movies, tv shows and whatever kind of AVI-MPEG video content you have.

When I hang out with friends, we plug an external hard drive to it, browse files smoothly and just play stuff. Not to mention the HDMI plug that will give you a 1080 HD output. AMAZING STUFF.

Friends got the old/big and bulky PS3, this model is way slimmer in comparison, still not as slim or light as the Nintendo Wii.

The joystick is wireless, you can charge it by plugging its usb straight to the PS3 and voila, your done !

The #1 feature i like about viewing my media on the PS3 is the bar that runs below the current file your playing, quickly gives you a bird’s eye view on the WHOLE movie, quickly run through scenes and just land down on the bit you like. JAPANESE PERFECTION.


Price 103 KD

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Extreme Sports
November, 2010
interview 12:29 PM

Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Ghanim

“Wow, these pics are great, who took’em ?” I kept asking the first time I laid eyes on the wonderfully talented & “B”eautiful Miss Dana Al-Ghanim’s pictures. A few days later I received an email from a friend telling me about her & the exhibition she held “wild eyes”. I smiled and kept my mouth zipped. Kuwait is so tiny and people are extremely meshed and mashed all together.

Aside from her talent as a photographer, courage and photogenic-fit-for-a-fashion-magazine-cover-full-10-page-spread, was her honesty. You’ll read her answers and feel you’v known her years ago. She opens up about her childhood, current state of mind and future vision, all of that and she’s still 17 years young.

Why am I excited about this ? Well, if you are that young, a woman, in a male dominated society, holding your own exhibition, bold enough to say YES thats my creation in a calm but an in your face attitude, what do you want me to expect of her and young women like her when they reach 27? These young people are success formulas, only the wise will comprehend.

This is where a salute comes to the parents, I call them the hit makers, they brought in to that young girl’s soul a seed called “I BELIVE IN YOU” “I trust you” “Yes, you are talented”, you can only imagine what the outcome will look like. Better yet, stop imagining and look at this live example, look at Dana.

Some say tell me what cologne you wear and i’ll predict your personality. With Dana, a glimpse of her photos gives you a full understanding of what she is. Full of life, hope and definitely a fearless spirit.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
November, 2009
People 12:01 AM

Definition Of KaaFiKH

YouTube Preview Image

Just incase you ask me one more time what is the definition of a KAAFIKH person is ? just watch this video.

I love the whole video, its so much fun, yet my favorite is at 1min, 01 secs( The Billion Dollar Laugh)1 min 45 secs, (KHALLIS, KHAAAAAAALIS)

Thank you for being there Bo3omar ;*

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May, 2009
accessories 12:09 AM

New Service: Ma*FRA Alghanim


This is a new service I stumbled across while I was picking my car the other day, it costs nearly 40 KD.

Includes: Cleaning, polishing, leather care and air condition check.

My thought ? expensive.

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April, 2009

New Spot: What are they building here ? (Another UPDATE)


Anybody has any idea ? Its in Fahahel, next to Alghanim Electronics giant outlet, infront of Al-Manshar.


A dear reader has an insight on what this new spot is, have a read:

“This is a new office tower/mall being built by A’ayan Real Estate. Its about twenty something floors high, 3 of which is going to be a mall. The structure was designed by an international company (RTKL)”

Khalid Hooked us up one more time with the architectural design of the building to be:


Thank you KHALID.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together