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September, 2010
hawt, People 3:18 PM

Abdulrahman “7amani” Makes Poach Proud

Abdulrahman Al-Zanki’s been a guest in the interviews section back in July 2010.

Ofcourse everybody loved him immediately and I even got calls from local TV networks wanting to make interview specials with him.

So why am i proud now ?

See these links below? all of them from all over the world ADORE him, they are all rooting for him.









I even got emails from the US, UK and all over the arab world, LITERALLY, I mean that would include JORDAN too.

Lately, I received an email from A Qatari TV network who would love to have him featured on their show, check it out here.

Abdulrahman, I am so proud and happy for you.

I am so proud of myself for choosing to highlight whats good in the country, for having a message behind this blog. This is the biggest reward I could ever ask for, getting my country’s name way up there on the TOP through the people I choose.

I am so proud of believing in my inner sense and for letting the unconscious lead me to where I am now.

All the hard work, paid off. I utterly could not be any happier. I cant.

A big thank you to everyone who came in and shared the love, im deeply touched.

If you would like to contact Abdulrahman, contact him here:


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