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September, 2010
hawt, People 3:18 PM

Abdulrahman “7amani” Makes Poach Proud

Abdulrahman Al-Zanki’s been a guest in the interviews section back in July 2010.

Ofcourse everybody loved him immediately and I even got calls from local TV networks wanting to make interview specials with him.

So why am i proud now ?

See these links below? all of them from all over the world ADORE him, they are all rooting for him.









I even got emails from the US, UK and all over the arab world, LITERALLY, I mean that would include JORDAN too.

Lately, I received an email from A Qatari TV network who would love to have him featured on their show, check it out here.

Abdulrahman, I am so proud and happy for you.

I am so proud of myself for choosing to highlight whats good in the country, for having a message behind this blog. This is the biggest reward I could ever ask for, getting my country’s name way up there on the TOP through the people I choose.

I am so proud of believing in my inner sense and for letting the unconscious lead me to where I am now.

All the hard work, paid off. I utterly could not be any happier. I cant.

A big thank you to everyone who came in and shared the love, im deeply touched.

If you would like to contact Abdulrahman, contact him here:


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July, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdulrahman Al-Zanki “7aMaNiii”

A few days ago I made a post about a 14 year old Kuwaiti kid who made an application for the iPhone. I mentioned how happy I was when I discovered him, his talents and things of that nature BUT my level of content got bigger and bigger the more I communicate with him over email.

Ofcourse I had to highlight him in my interviews section PRONTO. Aside from being a breath of fresh air and a galaxy of politeness, he’s not geeky or freaky, he’s funny, easy going, loves his BMX bike, has a new found interest in photography and he’s a joy to talk to.

Many of us wanted to create an APPLICATION for the iphone/ipad never done it because we had this lovely phrase on repeat “But I dont know how ? who do I contact ? then do what ?” im so ashamed to say Im one of those people. This KID gave me a reality slap and 10,000 MG of self confiedence back to my veins. Hope he does the same to you and brighten your vision with a “If 7aMaNiii did it, I can too” line.

He is the youngest guest to ever grace the front page of // 7aMaNiii YOU ARE A GIFT TO KUWAIT. Lemme just rephrase this sentence I have stuck inside the core of my brain cells:

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

clear ? yes ? ok !

Now you know I wont spill out everything, imma let him talk to you guys, READ ON !

wait wait wait – isint he adorable ??

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