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March, 2010
Travel 12:05 AM

Review: The Address Hotel – Dubai Mall

The Address Hotel, Premier Suite, Dubai

I just came from Dubai and needless to say its amazing. I went with Al-Wataniya Airways which was my first ride on their plane ever, will post about my experience soon.

Since the Address Hotel – Dubai Mall is connected to Dubai Mall, I thought I should give it a go. Here’s the break down:
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March, 2010
Locations 12:04 AM

Where Was I ?

Focus & answer !

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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
web 12:03 AM

Yallah Bil Sitir

I flick to Flickr in the UAE & this is what I got, why ?

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
March, 2010
Entertainment 12:02 AM

NEW: Why Did I Get Married Too

YouTube Preview Image
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March, 2010
Food 12:01 AM

*Updated* Abdullah Likes: Gelato Italiano Lemon Icecream

AAAAH the freshness is like no OTHA !!


Miss Dalal, the kind owner passed us by & corrected the info I mentioned, the icecream is not lemon, its as follows:
“Biscotti gelato custard with chunks of chocolate biscuits”

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March, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

A Message To The Nasties. I <3 U

You know I love you undoubetly and all equally the same.

No matter what your nastiness might be, I accept you, fully.

However, do not, I repeat, do not ask me personal questions about my guests. Thats not nice, ask them directly on the post itself, aside from that keep it in the closet.

Ladies, nasties, freaks and underground freaks I dont care if yall need oxygen masks from the heat you got your eyes exposed to, FAINT, GASP, forwarded the whole article here and there or hollered for Ice water, ICE, AC’s, see that ? all of that is none of my business. Ya’ll need to put your act together and let me UN-SNAP by the amount of JUNK mail I received from you lately. And no, no reply from my side.

Oh and for those who still think im the love doc ? Please read this post again, cuz I still stand on the same belief system here.

Now I want you to cool it off and shake that mess off of your shoulders and show me how you dance before you go back to your graves, give it to me old school style, make mike proud *SHOW ME*

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March, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Fadalah

Friday is here again and you know the mic’s interview is on. Ofcourse and as ever, I am beyond thrilled and happy by the high request/demand of interviews from readers. Whats’s making me more excited though is the affirmative YES’s im getting from everybody I approached. Thank you for your trust and believe in me and for accepting the insanity of words/expressions/gestures I present with full comprehension that I mean to entertain and put a smile on your faces. I could not be any happier. Honestly.

Since we bring you nothing but the HAWT & ZAXY in town, todays’s guest is no stranger to that category of people. Mr.Yousef Al-Fadalah, he is 26 years young, *cough* single *cough* oriented by his distinctive origins, half Kuwait, half Scottish, he, is a young entrepreneur, studies and runs his own online business that has sprays and splashes of youth written all over it, Jersey Box. The name is self explanatory, whats underneath it is an original idea with a competitive edge.

I’v always said that eyes betray us by revealing how we feel or what our intentions are, with Yousef you can tell that he’s a man with a kind heart, specifically for children, plus he is one of the sweetest people I’v communicated with, very easy going and down to earth, im sure you’ll figure that out when you read on and know him a tad better.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together