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December, 2012
Food, Kuwait 2:10 PM

Magnolia Bakery: Opening at Al-Hamra Mall

Yesterday was the Magnolia Bakery opening at Al-Hamra! We got to frost our own cupcakes, then devour them! The bakery offers more than 120 varieties of baked goods, including pies, cakes, cheesecakes, banana pudding, brownies, muffins, crumb cakes, and of course, cupcakes! It’s currently located in NYC, Chicago, LA, Beirut, Kuwait, and Qatar. It will soon open in Japan, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, and Russia! Exciting stuff!

The official opening is tomorrow (Wednesday 19th) at 6pm! Follow them on Instagram at @MagnoliaKuwait

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December, 2012
Entertainment, fun, Music 11:38 AM

A Must Watch: Pitch Perfect

I watched Pitch Perfect last night and it has made it to the top of my favorite 2012 movies list! Refreshing, and along the lines of Bridesmaids and The Hangover funny. Ana Kendrick surprisingly sounded really good and Rebel Wilson was off the charts hilarious! Watch it and let me know what you think! (You can stream it at Let Me Watch This if you don’t get it on DVD soon) P.S. The soundtrack is HAWT!

YouTube Preview Image

Here are two reviews resourced from Rotten Tomatoes that I genuinely agree with:

“Everything about the film feels fresh… For the target market, there are laughs galore, toe-tapping rhythms and a good up-tempo beat as Pitch Perfect hits its notes and delivers a romping fun time”

“Rebel Wilson practically rescues the film (and some of the songs) on her own with her talent, panache and self-confidence. She reminds me of irrepressible Melissa McCarthy in ‘Bridesmaids’ or Nikki Blonsky in ‘Hairspray.’”

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Extreme Sports
December, 2012
News 3:28 PM

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Authorities in Connecticut responded to a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Friday morning, the local NBC station reports. Police reported 27 deaths, including 20 children, six adults and the shooter, according to the Associated Press. Following hours of uncertainty during which many media outlets reported the shooter’s identity as Ryan Lanza, an official identified the suspected gunman as Adam Lanza, Ryan’s 20 year old brother, according to the Associated Press. Ryan Lanza, 24, is being questioned by police in New Jersey. Students were led single file from the schoolhouse to a nearby fire station. Parents alerted to the catastrophe by text messages and emails sent by the school district arrived hoping to find their children safe.

When we all thought kids were safe at school, this tragedy tears us apart. #PrayForNewton

Watch Obama’s statement to the shooting below. Heartbreaking is an understatement.
YouTube Preview Image

For images and broadcasting check out: Huffington Post: Connecticut Shooting and Reuters: Connecticut Gun Rampage 

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
December, 2012
fashion, Kuwait 4:44 PM

Charitee: Salam – Peace

Due to an increase in world injustice and crime all around the world today. We wanted to have a say, help inspire, influence people with peaceful vibes that can surf across the globe through what we do best in as a t-shirts business. It is said that  ” reading a t-shirt’s message is enough social interaction for one day”. That is why we love doing what we do because T-Shirts with meaning help change the world to the better. Lately for the past month we’ve worked hard to introduce our second release Salam/Peace T-Shirts that have been publicly announced for week now through our Instagram Account: @ChariteeStore .
Charitee is proudly taking Pre-Orders via Whatsapp: 97798599   
Please note that your size will be offered but not all colors will be due to stock availability.
Request any of the following Sizes: S,M,L,XL & Color: Blue, Maroon, Purple, Grey and we’ll get back to you regarding availability.

Charitee® Salam / Peace T-Shirt Photoshoot from Abdurrahman Sultan on Vimeo.

The Price is 20KD

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December, 2012
Food, Kuwait 6:42 PM

BBQ at Zain!

Who wouldn’t be excited after getting this awesome invite from Zain!?

Tadaaaa! Do we bring the burger flipper with us?? (Good Question!)

You gotta love your condiments!


Thanks Zain! See ya’ll there!!

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December, 2012
Food, Kuwait 2:56 PM

Japanese products at Sultan Center!

For all of you vegetarians out there, I found a few tofu products in Sultan Center Sharq! Tofu is high in protein and calcium and is well known for its ability to absorb new flavors through spices and marinades, so its PERFECT for vegetarians. You can use it in salads, soups, and stews. It can also be grilled, used in stir fries, and pureed into a dip. The Asian Style Tofu would go well with noodles, I cant wait to try it!

There were also so many cool Japanese products like these panko breadcrumbs, You can panko everything and you know what would be amazing? cheese stuffed panko jalapeno poppers! yum!  These mushrooms of different varieties and flavors are so cute! I didn’t know what to choose, so I took one of each to try. If you love Japanese products, go check the Japanese section at Sultan Center, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

Twitter and Instagram: @Sultan_Center

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December, 2012
Food, Kuwait 10:31 AM

Happy 1st Birthday Xcite!

I received an invite yesterday to celebrate Xcite’s first anniversary! Inside the, what I call a “Mini Jidir,” was an apron and on top was a pair of chopsticks..Hmm..Have you guessed what the event is? Sushi rolling cooking lessons at Chef Boutique! Something fun, something different (very much needed!)

Who’s excited?! See you all on the 18th! :D

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