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April, 2013
Kuwait 4:03 PM

@LoyacKuwait: Kuwait For K4K Kenya: Charity Tournament

Fikra Events – K4K Charity Tournament Announcement!

We are proud to announce Loyac’s K4K (Kuwait for Kenya) charity tournament that will be held in GUST University on Thursday April 11th at 6PM at GUST main auditorium. This event will be broadcast throughout the world with commentary provided by LuckyGG! and on Fikra’s channel on
The Japanese embassy in Kuwait is also proud to be part of this event and will be participating as judges for the cosplay part of this event!

Fikra was chosen to help organize this event due it’s strong ties to the youth in Kuwait and it’s focus on engaging the youth in fun and creative ways. Fikra is proud to organize an event such as this, as it represents Fikra’s own values and responsibilities.

What is the event?

The event will be a videogame tournament and a cosplay contest. All proceeds of this event will go directly to the K4K charity

Videogame Tournament

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Dead or Alive 5
Double elimination format
Entry fee: 5KD
Registration: From Sunday April 7th – 10 5PM – 8PM Loyac Headquarters in old Jibla school, near Mubarikiya or call 9760 3181

Cosplay Contest

There will be a dedicated segment at the event for the cosplayers in Kuwait to show off their work. It will also be broadcast on our channel for the whole world to see.
No entry fee.

Registration: Registration will be at the event itself. We ask cosplayers to arrive 30 minutes before the event starts to register thier cosplay. There will be a dedicated table to register for the cosplay at the event. For more info you can call 9760 3181

For more updates: Follow them at @LoyacKuwait

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April, 2013
Entertainment 1:22 PM

It’s BACK!

Have you started watching it yet? I’m hooked all over again!

YouTube Preview Image
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Extreme Sports
April, 2013

Be There Today: Accounting Club

English pic



Thank you Aziz AlBahar for sending this in, good luck !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2013
Food, Kuwait, NEW SPOT 8:59 PM

افتتاح فرع سكووب أكون – جمعية الدسمة

في افتتاح الفرع الجديد لمحل سكوب اكون بعد الفحيحيل ، العقيلة والجليعة الأن في جمعية الدسمة وبالتحديد قطعة ٥


 وكان افتتاح رائع من حيث المكان ، الديكور وقائمة الاصناف الواسعة اللي تحتوي على الآيسكريم ، الشيك ، الكيك والجيلاتو والكثير من الاشياء وتقدر تختار النكهة اللي تناسبك


والمميز فيهم انه كل شي فريش وطازج وينفردون ايضا بخدمة السيارات لأول مرة في الكويت لمحل آيسكريم



مكانهم مثل ما قلت جمعية الدسمة قطعة ٥ بجانب برجر كنج

للتواصل :

Instagram: @scoop_a_cone

Facebook: ScoopACone

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March, 2013

More from LoFat!

Summer is coming up and a lot of us really just want to shed a few kilos! So heres the thing, who can resist a challenge?!

LoFat are paying you per kilo you lose! I mean its really a win/win situation!

Follow them on Instagram @LoFatGroup for more info!

5 KG offer

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March, 2013
Food 2:52 PM

قريباً في الافنيوز @Fauchon_Kuwait إفتتاح

إفتتاح فرع فوشون الجديد قريباً في الافنيوز

حيث الفخامة و الذوق في بريستيج ” جراند أفنيوز “


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March, 2013
Kuwait 10:35 AM

Entrepreneur Group

The Entrepreneur Group goal is to motivate and support small business and young students to succeed in there up growing businesses, show your support this week till the end of the week and check out all their hard hard work.

Entrepreneur Group

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