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November, 2011
fashion, women 12:03 AM

HAWT: Tom Ford SS 2012

Thank you Aisha for sending this for all the fine ladies in the house.

Hope you ladies like the selection Aisha sent.

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November, 2011

Movie: The Help & p0achs confession

One thing my friends know about me very well is that I do not favor watching movies. TV shows work best for neuro mess since “love is in the details” meshes with the physical form I have now. I understand how many won’t comprehend what I just said, however, just know that I’m typing the truth of what is dim and unclear to the masses.

Enough of the blessed KOKO brain I obtained – NEXT!

THE HELP – is such an extremely sensitive movie, for me personally. Brought back memories I thought were dead.

The trailer will give you a nice idea of what it is. Dislike being A spoiler.  The only thing that ticked me off was how short it was. I wish it was a 2 1/2 – 3 hour movie, the novel has lots of rich details. Still, won’t review it.

Keep your eyes fixed on Minni & Aibileen.

Can tell you this though, I have witnessed many scenes from the movie, the exact same scenes, if not more cruel and heartless, here in Kuwait.

“You are a GODless woman” A line Aibileen said in the movie (Trailer above too)


Many of those women/house wives were devils in disguise. GODless indeed.

Growing up, went to many houses to visit/socialize, you know, the usual. Thats what parents did, they took us with them.

Always befriended “The Help – whom I call Hareem or Sibyaan, never maid or Khadam” we bond together quickly. Used to listen to their stories and know what went down to them, who are their kids, how old, how many and I used to always say “Do you believe in GOD?” they would all nod their heads and give a big warm hug. I am an adult now, I hug and kiss Miss LILI DSOUZA, the woman who helped raise me.

So proud of her, that GOD fearing woman, that kind christian who looked after me, scorned me if I didn’t pray, was the happiest when I do good in school, would protect – cover stuff for me and definitely bring lots of love and patience.

Moving on, I remember one incident very very very well, just like it was yesterday.

Shanna, a woman from Sri lanka, works in a Kuwaiti household, the house wife – a relative of ours, asked her to fix us fresh juice and things to serve *hospitality* she was shouting/hollering and cursing her from the moment we walked in. I was about 9 or 10.

Shanna brought the tray, her face was what misery is. Still managed to smile, serve us some drinks *still the GODless woman is screaming* till she lost balance and a tiny bit of juice was spilled on the sofa.

Ofcourse she moved to higher stages of rage, pulled Shanna from the apron, threw her drown and asked her to clean it. Ofcourse mum was in shock and she was trying to put an end to this but the woman was determined. Mum decided to cover my ears and make me face her, the language went out of hand.

Maybe that was the first time me and the devil spoke together. Cuz what I had in mind was something I have never done before. Eyes got teary a bit.

Service kept flowing in and out till TEA was served.

Waited till all the cups/Estikanas were full with hot tea. The moment she tilted her head to the right screaming for more services from “The Help” I FLIPPED THE TRAY RIGHT ON/IN HER LAP she screamed as if she was in HELL. Each and every estikana went straight to her lap and a bit on her stomach.


Music to my ears, I swear –  music to my ears.

Wont tell you what happened next cuz its unnecessary.

When I see that woman now, with her sons, my age maybe, she brings the subject up out of humor and I tell her to tell the audience why I burned her down. Why any child would go out of his way and be so cruel ? I would literally say “GOLAY LIHOM LAISH CHOWAiiiTiCH” with the biggest smile on my face. She’d turn her ways up, down, left and right, just like an owl, an owl that she is in human form.

I must say, she was one of those people who made me speak my mind, her actions brought me to a space outside of my comfort zone. I never was shy after the age of 9 or 10. Thanks to a GODless woman.

Shanna, left the the house after a short while and joined a kind foreign family who represent their country here in one of the embassies. Her 2 sons are married, her daughter is a dental doctor now, while she manages the house with 3-5 men and women under her guidance. BLESS HER & HER FAMILY.

Thats my confession and one of my proudest moments.

BONUS: The owl wore a short skirt when that fine hot boiling tea burned her down. So proud, so proud, so proud.

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Extreme Sports
September, 2011

Exquisite: Wings Of Love


DANA NAFISI Jewelry latest collection from Wings of Love.

Collection Description: Earrings & Ring all in ( Yellow Gold and Black Diamonds)

For more information:
Facebook: Link

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
September, 2011
women 12:44 AM

Guinness: World’s Largest Natural Afro

Aevin Dugas a 36 year-old social worker from New Orleans, USA, is the proud owner of the largest natural afro in the world with a circumference measuring an incredible 4 ft. 4 in (1.32 m).

The hairstyle that has taken over 12 years to grow can at times be problematic.

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September, 2011
fashion, style, women 12:01 AM

NEW: Sun Flower Beauty Centre

Just got this from the elegant beauty queen, Athba:

Just wanted you to be the first blog to post sunflower pictures. We open in Jabreya Block 1a Street 1 Building 86 2nd floor, apartment 11&12. This is a soft-opening – call for appointment” Its the same building where Zero Degrees is located.

Tel: 55695000

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September, 2011
women 12:05 AM

Eye Candy: Presence


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August, 2011

P0ach *Hearts* Design Sponge

I think this blog is amazing, it has really beautiful pictures, amazing recipes, an excellent taste and an over all warm welcoming design.

PLease have a look at it, you might like it too. I think the blogger is american, not sure. HAH!

Honestly though, there is a new segment she added recently, a before and after make-over set, amazing stuff and even more amazing photography.


Design Sponge

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together