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March, 2011
Tech 9:06 AM

Update your Apple Babies NOW

Was cruising by one of the newest/funky/fresh dressed blogs FROYO Nation and found this update from apple.

I thought it’ll be available by march 11th but who knows, apple love to play mind games.

Update your handheld jewels and get the latest tech heat – Pronto !

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February, 2011
Tech 3:43 PM

USB Connect Hits Kuwait

“We are a Kuwaiti youth group who have just started a small creative-flash-disk business and we’d love for you to encourage us by displaying our products in your blog.
USB Connect are a collection of unique and creative USB products that will help you in your modern life.
Transfer your file in style, our creativity has no bounds!
Free home delivery!
Tel: 9789-6456
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Extreme Sports
February, 2011
Tech 6:02 PM

Apple Store: Covent Garden

Loved the energy here.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone 4.

Location:Seymour Mews,Paddington,United Kingdom

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
January, 2011
Tech 2:40 AM

NEW: MAC APP STORE // Tried it yet ?

According to me and my beautiful surroundings, I found out that lots of peeps dont know what this is.

Well, if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, you’ll get it in a minute.

App store icon right ?

inside an iPhone, the blue button, clear ?

Where you download games like Angry birds ? Apps like What’s app – kapeesh ?

See that ?

Same thing here HOWEVER these are apps for your MAC COMPUTER

Easy ?


Hah, no seriously, I was surprised by how people use the app store on daily basis to update and download stuff but got totally off guard when this baby came by.

Anyway – dont take it personal – *ahem* – I know some of ya’ll found this helpful in a way or another.


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December, 2010
Tech 12:01 AM


YouTube Preview Image

Android tablets (Archos 5) with 5″ HD screen

500GB 150kd

320GB for 130kd.



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December, 2010
Tech 1:38 AM

Abdullah Likes: 6500 HP Office Jet

This is a 3 in 1 HP office jet. Scanner, printer and fax machine.

Why did I get it ? ITS WIRELESS !

If your at home, its perfect, throw it anywhere, wirelessly connect it to your home’s network and VOILA! you can print from anywhere.

With apple’s new technology, you can now print stuff right from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch too.

I use it at work, its amazing !

Got it from AL-GHANIM

Price ? nearly 70 KD

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December, 2010
Entertainment, Tech 11:58 AM

Gadget: PS3 SLIM

No, I didnt buy it to play video games.

I bought it simply because its the best way to view your movies, tv shows and whatever kind of AVI-MPEG video content you have.

When I hang out with friends, we plug an external hard drive to it, browse files smoothly and just play stuff. Not to mention the HDMI plug that will give you a 1080 HD output. AMAZING STUFF.

Friends got the old/big and bulky PS3, this model is way slimmer in comparison, still not as slim or light as the Nintendo Wii.

The joystick is wireless, you can charge it by plugging its usb straight to the PS3 and voila, your done !

The #1 feature i like about viewing my media on the PS3 is the bar that runs below the current file your playing, quickly gives you a bird’s eye view on the WHOLE movie, quickly run through scenes and just land down on the bit you like. JAPANESE PERFECTION.


Price 103 KD

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