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May, 2011
Tech 12:21 PM

I bought it !

So I bought it and some extra stuff with it, will let you know all about it tomorrow.

I could not wait.

Ahhh the bliss of not being married. *runs away*

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April, 2011
Tech 3:32 PM

Abdullah Wants: Canon 600D

I had the 450D & 500D, then a 550D model came along, skipped it till this baby arrived.

I’ll buy it asap.

Learn more about it here

Plus, this is the best review i’v seen so far about it – the host is a KOKO galore in the head, dont believe me ? WATCH !

YouTube Preview Image
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Extreme Sports
April, 2011
Tech 12:04 AM


Viva announced today that they are OFFICIAL APPLE RESELLERS.

What does that mean ?

#1 You’ll get your dirty hands on Apple’s latest products in record time.

#2 Dont have to be under the KOKO market SKY Rocket prices which is usually 3 – 4 times the original price.

#3 Just like Vodafone, AT&T and Verizone, VIVA will have their own unique updates too.

Oh and before you go any further, we all got BRAND NEW IPHONE 4′s !! Each and every guest got one !

Want more details ?

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2011
Tech 12:06 AM

BOOM: X-Mini

Do you know what this is ?

Hmm ??

Now I know you freaks are curious, trust me, you’ll LOVE what it can do for YOU!

Hint: The company manufacturing this product in Singapore sent this specially for p0ach to share with you guys.

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April, 2011
Tech 12:04 AM

Abdullah Likes: VIVA’s Router

Grabbed this baby from the airport branch.

Here is the breakdown:

I wanted to go with Zain’s 13,5 KD a month E-GO! offer. However, that mess expired so umm, no moo!

Plus, the branch was out of E-GO devices. They only had the chips there.

So what did I do ?

Asked Viva what they had in mind, gave me this for 18 KD a month 7.2 Mbps – Unlimited download. I went with that.

Small conflict:

The dude told me I can charge this router. Turns out its un-chargable. bummer.

Speed test ? Here you go:

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March, 2011
Tech 3:39 PM

Best Review Ever: iPad 2

YouTube Preview Image

Man, this has got to be the best review I have ever seen.

Quick, EFFICIENT, gets to the point and definitely no bull-ish.

Beautiful work.

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March, 2011
Tech 9:45 AM


This has got to be one of the best applications on a mac out there.

It basically grabs all your favorite blogs, websites, news, music, sports, fashion, design and travel feeds in one place.

Check this out:

Here is an example from ilsul6ana’s website:

Its very neat, auto updates if anything new comes in, you can share or save whatever you read or see. Its perfect.

For those who roll with google reader, you can sync’em both.

The only downfall to it is that on some blogs in the states or UK, flash seems to pick up some errors, im sure, however, that this will be resolved with future updates. I have no doubt.

Aside from the MAC, its also available for iphones, ipads and ipod touch.

Get it HERE

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