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August, 2010
Tech 12:04 AM

NEW: Nokia’s Ramadan Special

The wonderful team over at Nokia Dubai, sent me a link to an app store where there are special Ramadan apps for Nokia handheld phone users.

Here’s a quick sample:

Check’em out HERE Check’em out HERE Check’em out HERE Check’em out HERE

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August, 2010
Tech 1:05 AM


YouTube Preview Image


**More RAW details below**

YouTube Preview Image
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Extreme Sports
July, 2010
Tech 5:45 PM

NEW: APPLE’s Magic Trackpad

Got my dirrty hands on’em 2 days ago, wont review it now, will do it later.

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July, 2010
Art, Tech 1:13 AM


I downloaded this app after lots of recommendations from online geeks/friends of mine.

Lemme tell you, this is one of the most fun/entertaining/expressive application ever.

The app gives you a canvas like board, you choose the size, you do everything you want upon it, then you can PRESS PLAY and see how this particular painting of yours happened. Very very very interesting to see how your mind works, what you erased, what you painted, what did you intend first, then changed your mind for ? – Very very creepy/interesting.

PLUS, you can share all your paintings in an online community with many others from all over the world.

To me, expressing how I feel happens NOW, in the NOW. When I do, I let go and its all out, check out what I went through in less than 20 minutes each. AND NO, dont judge my poor paintings, im not a painter, i just try to pour it all out, my way. Im also not a dancer, im just a mover, *ahem*

Ofcourse I had to ask my friends to jump in and do their own thing, check it out !

last but not least, the tightly firmed a$$ kisser friend of mine, HAH !

Its a really fun app, I didnt explain to my friends how to use it, it has a very very user friendly interface with lots of cool stuff underneath the hood.

Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE

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July, 2010
Tech 12:50 AM

HAWT: Quick iPhone 4 Review

The awesome/wonderful/Down2Earth, Nasser from Blog37 made a quick review on the iPhone 4 which I think is worth checking for different reasons:

The reviewer is Kuwaiti, so you guys can relate.

Short & Quick Review

Organized into 4 segments.

Demoed with a microsim chip from Zain.

Pics are gorgeous.

Oh and thats why its hawt so you know what to do now.

Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE

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June, 2010
Tech 12:03 AM

Abdullah Likes: Face Time

YouTube Preview Image


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June, 2010
accessories, Tech 12:04 AM

iPad: Screen Shield & Case

I got these items two days ago.

I thought I was using my iPad to its full potential, wrong I guess. You see this case and screen shield made me enjoy reading my books and magazines to the fullest.

The case:
Aside from it being my international/visual mirror into Naomi’s eyes I enjoy watching/gazing/daydreaming early in the morning everyday, it is the perfect companion to finally rest your lap, bicep muscles and actually enjoy reading or playing at ease with three different slide positions.

The screen shield:
For those who suffer from the screen reflections wether on their iPads or new macbook “glossy screen”, you now have a savior, ANTI-GLARE screen shield solves this mess plus it moves away all the leftover fingerprints you leave when you use and abuse your iPad, HAH!

The case is out for 35 KD.
The screen sheild is out for 15-10 KD.

I think both prices are expensive but I could not care less honestly.

Where to find these?

The Small building next to WALLA’A complex, in it, there’s a store with a big iPHONE POSTER, You cant miss it.
Im sorry i dont remember the name nor do I have their number but you can not miss it.

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