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October, 2011
Personal 12:41 AM

A Post From The Heart – Job/Work

Sometimes I wish people would tip me on important lessons that make huge differences. Things that I do and go “Shoot ! why didn’t anybody tell me about this before ?”

This is the time where I share what I went through with you. Its all good, no drama here.

As you know, I left my job a few weeks back and “praise the lord” went else where.

Now before I go into details, I just want to say that I had the best moments of my life where I worked. Had the best boss, best friends, GREAT environment and I love all the achievements done as a team. I remember I used to say this to my boss “I thank GOD for you everyday” I still do.

So what went wrong ? Nothing.
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October, 2011

German Flowers Sunday Morning Post

Scanning through vacation pix taken last summer. Realized I had lots of pics taken were hovering around flowers. Never knew I had lots of attachments to’em.

This one was taken back in Germany. Probably not the best picture you’ve seen out there, to me, its full of life.

In our house, here in Kuwait, we have jasmine flowers in the garden. Love to see them half blossomed, as early as 6-7 am. Fully open by 12pm, then finally shut their eyes down when I come back home at night.

Sometimes I stand up and have a nice moment or two, gazing at the beauty, pureness and smell the fluffy scent sent out. I feel whole. Never knew why. Its pleasant, just pleasant standing there, sometimes it feels like time stops.

Please take a moment or two of appreciation, mindfulness or gratitude for anything that pleases you throughout the day. Try to, at least.

Doing so will help you make a mini mental gap from the noise in your head and the constant “but I’m late” or “I’m bored” repetitive records playing in there.

Tell your parents or loved ones what they mean to you. If your shy, TEXT them, at least squeeze something out.

Today, you are alive and reading this.

That alone is worth appreciation.

Bless us all, saints and sinners.

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Extreme Sports
September, 2011
Personal 10:31 AM

p0ach: A Free Agent

By the end of October, I’ll be a free agent. I decided to quit my job.

I love my boss, friends and work environment, a lot. Already miss them.  However, been there for a very long time and thought change is great for now.

Not to mention, its my way to have a very long vacation, sleep and wake whenever I want, didn’t have that for a very long while. HAH!

Have a job offer I like, still, I’m applying everywhere and see what the universe has to offer yet.

This is definitely a different thursday, a cause for celebration for sure.

Please wish me luck and lots of success, your love and prayers are all I ask for.

Let the celebrations begin !

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September, 2011

Prayer Sunday Morning Post

Just to keep it short and simple. I decided to dedicate this sunday morning post to myself and everyone going through what I am going through too.

I love how my heart is beating, soul screams “Just Release Me”

Probably wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll let you know when everything settles down.

Mean time, I ask for your prayers, wishes, beautiful energy to come my way.

Nothing dramatic like Miss TeeWana over here

Lets all praise the LAWWWWWD – keep it light people – Keep It Light. HAH!

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August, 2011
Personal 8:41 PM

Experience with ZAIN: 4 Days 4 Problems

Im a zain client. Been so for many years.

In light of improvements, quality of service, quality of products and customer satisfaction, I have four things to share with you that’v happened to me recently.

Zain, my experience with you’s been SHain. I dislike showcasing low points of anything or anyone, however, this is a bit too much.

Please read and bare in mind, that I say this with love.


Went two days ago to pay some bills, buy a product and configure a Wiyana plan.

Got a ticket, number was 305. Looked up at the screens, saw #531, the one next to it was #532.

Got a bit confused, I asked the gentleman at the reception for guidance, here is the conversation:

p0ach: Massak ALLAH bil khair okhoy. Min fathlik, ma3ay # 305 wil shaasha badya min foog el 500. Hal Raqmee ghala6 ? Hal el waraqa ele fe edee 9a7ee7a ?

Receptionist: isteree7 wal7een iyee doorik

p0ach: 6ayib, wain ashoof el raQam? ay shaasha ?

Receptionist: okhoy isteree7 wal7een iyee doorik.

Where do I start ? Attitude, not greeting me back, the fugly energy and presence ?

See I could have given him a bit of fever, but I am p0ach. I don’t get down like that.

Carrying on, the paper/ticket says wait approximately 6 minutes. I waited 10x that period. I waited for an hour. 60 minutes.

Then, I realized the same screen that had these 500+ numbers, alternates !

The receptionist, could have explained that these screens alternate. I would have passed by Starbucks, pink berry or done other things instead of waiting.

Funny thing is, when my time came to sit and actually speak to someone, the staff asked me to WAIT for a while till OTHER clients sit with him since they were on a hurry.

Beautiful. Beyond beautiful.

#2 Internet – 21.6 MBPS

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July, 2011
Personal 1:13 AM

When p0ach Met Janet



Janet Jackson’s “Up Close & Personal” Tour

Front row – Centre Stage – DIamond VIP ticket

30th June 2011 – Royal Albert Hall – London.

I’ll never forget this. Can’t.

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May, 2011
Personal 12:07 AM

2.22 Keeps Following Me Everywhere

Usually, when I see 2.22 it brings with it a great “feel good” sensation.

I dont know why, I dont understand its significance, however, I dont mind it at all.

Keep coming, keep bringing your lucky charms with you along the way.


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