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March, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

A Message To The Nasties. I <3 U

You know I love you undoubetly and all equally the same.

No matter what your nastiness might be, I accept you, fully.

However, do not, I repeat, do not ask me personal questions about my guests. Thats not nice, ask them directly on the post itself, aside from that keep it in the closet.

Ladies, nasties, freaks and underground freaks I dont care if yall need oxygen masks from the heat you got your eyes exposed to, FAINT, GASP, forwarded the whole article here and there or hollered for Ice water, ICE, AC’s, see that ? all of that is none of my business. Ya’ll need to put your act together and let me UN-SNAP by the amount of JUNK mail I received from you lately. And no, no reply from my side.

Oh and for those who still think im the love doc ? Please read this post again, cuz I still stand on the same belief system here.

Now I want you to cool it off and shake that mess off of your shoulders and show me how you dance before you go back to your graves, give it to me old school style, make mike proud *SHOW ME*

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March, 2010
Personal 2:18 PM

HAWT Random Mess

Im off to dubai on an undercover bizbiz trip, its not so undercover now is it ? HAH!

Anyway, if there’s a place I should not miss out aside from the usual suspects, let me know.


Look out for the HAWT & ZEXY interview, midnight, SHARP !

Ladies: Keep your first AID kit close by. Faint/ing probability is *cough* HIGH *cough* .

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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
Personal 12:05 AM

Say Hello to the last FRAPP

See this ? this right here is my morning fix, with one adjustment, i usually have two venti coffee frapps.

I’v been hitting all starfox hot spots in the country and some are sold out. They told me that they await a US delivery.

Dear team over at starfox, i dont smoke, im not on drugs and im not a vodka friend but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take away my morning joy, yes im addicted and it makes me feel good, its soo good that I dont even want to get married, did I get you convinced yet ? Ok one more thing, I do my shoulder morning dance on the way to work just because i know how high imma be when that coffee hits my throat, there yet ?

THANK you in advance, HAH!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
March, 2010
Personal 12:02 AM

Abdullah Likes: Greek Yoghurt w/ Honey

While I was in the UK this was my morning glory, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !

people over at Starbucks Kuwait, I need this, consider it please, THANKS !

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March, 2010
Personal 11:54 AM

Vent – Your Way

Its the beginning of the month and I sure hope you all had fun in the lovely, long awaited-anticipated vacation.

I know, for a fact, that you have many things to say, so here you have it, VENT/Talk/Express/Speak/show/articulate how you feel.

As always, no judgement, just spit it out, RAW/As it is/the real thing.

I’ll share something with you, while I was walking in the UK, found an asian lady who STOLE my heart/eyes/emotions by her smile, she got me, she really did get me, big time, I love you KIYOKO, Lady Kioyko of Bond street, baby guurl your not lucy lui but I love you, AAAAH !!

Oh and I missed you KIDS  :cendol

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February, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

Dino is xtatic/Happy/xcited/content

I got what I wanted, wont say what it is, but this sure explains how I feel, OHHHHHHHHHH !!!

p.s: How does it feel now ? Hurts doesn’t it ? Well, you aint gettin none. HAH!

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February, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

Post Re-Visit: Self Pampering

Since im putting myself first now, on my to do list that is, I thought of sharing this post of mine with you.

Deluxe Self Pampering, A Guide.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together