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October, 2009
interview 3:40 AM

Alwatan Interview (Updated with VIDEO)

Taken from Blushberry

I guess by now you read what all my friends had to say about the interview over here:


(NEW Updated Links) Here are new posts from these giants that had the video up:





As much as I hate watching my face on TV, THANK YOU for the posts. Let the insanity begin. HAH !

Now, lets talk dirty, shall we ? HAH !
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October, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Essa Behbehani


As you know the site was down for 5 days last week and this interview, in my opinion, did not get the same attention as the rest of my guests, so its only fair to upload it on today’s Interview post. Plus, no worries, got alot of stuff for you in the upcoming weeks. For the moment, enjoy this piece ;)

Its that saturday again, a brand new interview with someone I know you want to meet, because he makes you go “UMM UMM UMMM Gimme another” after you eat one of his marvelous god given creations, the choowy Goowy master.

He is a local food celebrity for sure, he’s been around for as far back as 2006 if Im not mistaken.

I still remember the first phone call I had with him back then, he had an offer of ordering his CARB-LOADING, EASY ON the throat, “ohh ahhh in the brain” cookies, and guess what ? You could keep the JAR. I was a jar sucker for some reason and I still dont know why HAH !

That being said, Essa does not know this story im about to say. You see after I had a wonderful experience with his goods, I decided to tell my mum about it, she tried some and fell in love with’em almost immediately. So you know what mothers do if they like something right ? They give some to their baby daddies, her husband, my father LOL. So she called Essa and told him how much she likes his stuff, but this time around, she wants some special packaging so that it can be displayed well in my father’s office (although, I think the JAR would so rock the scene, but oh well, to all his own), so he said ok and dont worry about it, we’ll hook you up.

He then sent this amazing velvet blue box with the cookies all lined up in the most luxurious way you could possibly think of, he really hooked her up with his amazing creations, it was so good that she and I still remember it ! They also exchanged ideas , he liked the recommendation so much that he sent her a complimentary jar of cookies. Essa, your way up in mum’s chart. HAH !

Plus, you promised we’ll have boys day out where you’ll show me how I can make my favorite cookies myself, I better bring my HD video cam with me.


Oh and one last note, tonight is Essa’s First Marriage Anniversary, lets wish the happy couple well and more joyous years of love & success!

Alright, let me just step aside and give you the kind and talented Essa Behbehani.

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Extreme Sports
October, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Dhari Al-Mouawed


My friend, Abdullah, was super bored the other day and he kept nagging lets Klue ! I was like “What the what ?” Lets Klue ?

He then explained to me that this whole thing is a game that can be costumed to fit young kids to big dinosaurs like me. Then we can split into groups and do a semi treasure hunt with play station/Nintendo wii option of having your game Easy, Normal and Hard.

Its an actual game, you have to get up out of your seat, out of your house and run the whole country looking for clues. I think I can call that a change of ROUTINE for sure. But not so quick ! You have to call in earlier and make your reservations and wait for them to prepare the whole thing for you before your lovely/tender legs actually MOVE.

I guess I explained the whole thing for you guys, yet, meet the guy responsible for it, meet Dhari !

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September, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Ahmad Al-”ZABEDY”


Its saturday again, the events keep on coming with no time from my side to arrange everything.

My dear friends Noor, Sarah (KSA) and Mariam (Qatar) have been asking me to interview this guy for a while. You freaks, who do you think I am ?? GENIE ??? HAH ! Well, now you can stop sending me emails, and you OWE ME BIG TIME ! *snap*

Let me say something really quick. At, I have been blessed with the VARIETY of people dropping by, gracing us with their many experiences and secrets, from Athletes to Entrepreneurs, I thank you for your trust and support, yet the place welcomes more cultural/professional mixes, be sure of THAT.

P0ach’s guest today has been in the media for a while now, these friends of mine never knew what he was. They knew his nickname, “Zabedy”, thats what they knew for sure. Yet, what was he ? A photographer/model/writer/actor, what was he ? Even I didnt know, so I thought lemme try to pull some strings and ask him to drop by. He did.

He was candid, forthcoming and honest, too honest may I add. He also has an announcement and some clarifications for those who dont know what/who he is.

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September, 2009
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Zeyad & Omar


Left to right: Zeyad, two angels and Omar

Alright, so its saturday and EID is a day away. I guess the first thing that would pop in your brain after having the perfect “freekum drees” is MUSIC.

I dont understand, comprehend or digest how people are able to live without MUSIC. I dont.

My guests today are Omar Al-Qaderi, a dear friend of mine,  whom I met last year and he was just the sweetest thing, very open and sincere. Zeyad, however his instrumental partner who is known for his friendliness too ( I did my research, HAH!)

My favorite thing to do is to support the small business industry here in Kuwait. Small businesses are a trend, growing strongly. I guess the best thing to do is to support everybody.

The boys have their own brand called Zeeq’s iPod, particpated in different local events, get to know them more yourselves.

Read on,

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September, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews K4K Team


I am so proud of all the participants who graced p0ach’s front page, all of them, no exception.

These guys, however, graced my heart, they wore my out, I have no words describing how proud I am of them, their families, Loyac and everybody who helped them in their journey including ZAIN.

I have always wanted to go and participate over there, always always had thoughts, never knew how, Im glad to tell you that now there is a way, I have attached a link down there where you could know who to contact and what to expect.

They went there, all of them teens, all of them with big hopes to help, participate, give, share and most of all LOVE.

Girls, you represented kindness, a human touch, a passionate sister for these kids. Most importantly though, you represented Kuwaiti women. I saw the pics, I was moved. I thank you.

Boys, what can I say, to be protective of your fellow voulnteers in that country, took care of the kids, build what you had to build, taught the children. That means your MEN, not the dictionary definition but a real man’s value. I thank you !

Faisal Al-Failakawi has been chosen by the group to represent them and was kind enough to follow up with me through E-mail these past two weeks.

Please read on, be proud of each and everyone one of them, wear a smile, make it big, its worth it !

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September, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Hind Al-Nahedh


I met her long time ago in an event, we never knew eachother, yet she was helpful as a sister would be. I think I did not know how to configure my, then new, Nokia E61, so she grabbed it fixed it and gave it to me almost robotically. I knew she was special.

A while back I was in her office and literally, we were in the heavens of kuwait, I was semi 20 floors above the ground, with a breathtaking view on the sea side, Kuwait’s Scientific Centre, people were dots from where I was, cool breezy atmosphere with the sun splashing my face with all kinds of lovely vibrations. We talked, we went through many topics almost like a breeze, I guess its her semi angelic/practical/Kuwaiti halo that made a full hour pass by like 1 minute.

Being head of the PR department over at Viva, Abdullah’s latest AD, the new USB 21.6 Internet service and the rest of the magnificent things that surely Viva CAN do means one thing and one thing only, Hind is the “Woman of The Hour”, she is back on the hot seat, nothing new to her I assure you, but you know what ? as always, enough of me talking, let her give you a glimpse of who she is and the exclusive PR write up on the new USB device that you’ll get your impatient hands on.
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