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January, 2010
interview 3:00 PM

Abdullah Interviews Shamlan Al-Bahar

Friday is an overall blessing for us all. This friday has an extra blessing/feel to it, one of the society’s sweethearts is gracing the front page of

I met him back in 2007 when we were in an Injaz volunteer program, we met for a very short period, we didnt talk much cuz we were in a meeting and everyone was throwing down what they have in mind into the table, yet, I knew he was a very kind and smart person. Oh and *cough* back off *cough* this one is married *cough* yes ? *snap*

You’v all seen him in each and every news article associated to only the best events and causes out there. Its really simple, you do the math, with over nine years experience in business, five of which in marketing communications, Shamlan is a marketing professional with a solid 360-degree all around marketing experience covering corporate communications, sales-tasked and brand marketing, consumer public relations, alternative and social marketing, and sell-side and buy-side media sales.

What are we talking about ? a genius, a humble genius I may add.

Let me pave way for the interview.

Click away
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January, 2010
interview 1:29 PM

Abdullah Interviews Ali Cha’aban

I wont be talking much about Ali in my introductory lines, you’v already bommarded me with all kind of mess all because of this post here.

Now, I know you ladies are out with a vengeance towards this “some call it noise” event, your emails were insane as if I was his sponsor here in Kuwait *SNAP and double Snap* oh and another *snap* for the kids, yeah i know you’ll be there too. So just sit back, relax and try to enjoy the interview.

Oh and since the event will take place on January 13-15 on the land across the Souq Shark on the gulf road; it’s a street art theme so the place serves a righteous atmosphere, I thought of letting you know the guy a bit better before you guys meet.

Anyway, as usual, enough of me blabbering, lemme just hit you with my guest.

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Extreme Sports
December, 2009
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Farah Al-Zuhair


The wedding planner came to mind when I first had my chat with the kind and super sweet hearts Farah And her business partner Showg. Planning events is what they do, since all my lovely freaks enjoy celebrating their birthdays, hallowen, Eid and overall gathering, just trust that Googi desings will hook you up.

I know that there are many event planners out, I just think that these guys have an upper hand in more than one thing, affordability, simplicity & being culturally accepted.

Googi designs is the brain child of both farah al zuhair and her partner Showg. Get to know her more below:

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December, 2009
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Osama Al-Othman

My  Favorite Hobby Foorball - camp nou barcelona

Encouraging the youth of the country, pushing them ahead, bringing in some light to their daily lives is part of what I live for now. No wonder why/how much I am excited to have today’s guest to you dear readers.

I have always wanted to have this team on always always always. Oh and not to mention, they are our new platinum sponsors, the “Secret” keeps working with me every freakin day so keep giving your love to me cuz I didnt get/have enough yet. On a serious note though, was one of the first kuwaiti online names that my brain remembers, I got this thing for Kuwaiti slang, having Maachla on the menu definitely makes it a name that stands out.

I never met the guy, Osama Al-Othman, however, ladies, he is *ahem* single, extremely polite, an engineer and I finally got him on board. He is very kind and sweet, even I was shy communicating with him and felt extremely vulgar in comparison, HAH!

Putting that on the side, Osama and his team established this project back in November 2008, success is a small word to describe it, lemme hit you up with some facts, you see, aside from it being an amazing virtual portal for you to place your orders and get them delivered with no extra charge, you have to realize that Maachla’s been awarded the best design in P2BK exhibition and was the winner of the best Kuwaiti website design by H. H. Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award.

Ofcourse every thing has a story board to it, I suggest you dig in, get to know Osama and his success story better.

Shall we ?

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December, 2009
interview 2:59 AM

Abdullah Interviews Fahad Al-Sabah


Hey you guys, its been a while with the interviews and all that mess but I guess you know we’v all been tied up to vacations, Eid, projects and me personally, my surgery, so im just letting you know that this segment is back again, YAYYYE !

I’v been trying to drag him, Fahad, in here till I threw some of my black magic on his face, HAH! By black magic, I mean my devilish smile.

Seriously though, in my life, I have passed by many people that I call/used to call, friends. In all friendships, you pass by ups, downs and plain stupidity. Then, GOD takes away the pain, heals your heart, gives you hope and gives you Fahad. He is a gift from the almighty to me. I wont get into details, yet, aside from his undeniable sincerity, honesty and acceptance we share music, video games, wit, insanity, black culture, soulfulness and love to give back to the community.

Thats where the interview comes in, Fahad participated in creating a new club called JAM. I wont be talking about it, i’ll let the interview lead you to it with a VIDEO in the end.

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November, 2009
interview 12:05 AM

HAWT & EXCLUSIVE: Khaled Al-Qassimi


The team over at Khaleejesque scored a big interview, thought they should share it with you guys here:

We recently scored an exclusive interview with Sheikh Khaled Bin Sultan AlQassimi the talented fashion designer and member of Sharjah Royal Family behind the “Qasimi” brand that has been taking London Fashion Week by Storm. READ


Khaleejesque is an online lifestyle ezine that revolves around everything that is happening in the Gulf Area (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Oman) we feature local talents, as well as aspiring regional Khaleejis who are making international headlines.

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October, 2009
interview 12:00 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mohammed Al-Awwad


Ever saw speed racer the colorful movie ? If you did, thats great, if you didnt, no worries, I brought that talent to you here on p0ach. Even better, A kuwaiti talent.

Saturday is here again. Blessings are everywhere. A Dear friend of mine Mohammed Al-Awwad, who is extremely shy, has short answers for some reason, me and him decided to do a very quick interview just to introduce you to the car racing organization he created with his friend Abdullah Al-Ghanim. He explained to me how important it is for them to do what they like to do, having fun doing it the right way and above all, represent KUWAIT the best way they know how.

Enjoy this quick breezy interview below.

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