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April, 2010
interview 12:49 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdullah Al-Mudhaf

Friday is here again with its utmost blessings as always. That, along with a brand new interview from another highly talented Kuwaiti.

I’v always seen whats good in the country, talents wise. On p0ach, I have been blessed to have all kinds of genres to cover from local talents that represent what inspiration is. They represent light and the core of creativity. They are all kind enough to share their experience with us all.

Today’s guest is none other than the highly talented writer Mr.Abdullah Ghazi Al-Mudhaf. I have contacted him and he’s been nothing but a breeze of easiness to deal with. Extremely polite, down to earth with a wonderful spirit.

He has written many Arabic novels that were instant hits, grab mania, shelve shakers in most book stores including Virgin megastore. Since he’s rooted in the core of Kuwaiti society, its no wonder that he’ll tackle social issues mixed with novel magic, romantic escapism & reality slaps in his own point of view. His radio show does not hurt either on Marina FM.

Get to know my guest, show him love !

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March, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Fadalah

Friday is here again and you know the mic’s interview is on. Ofcourse and as ever, I am beyond thrilled and happy by the high request/demand of interviews from readers. Whats’s making me more excited though is the affirmative YES’s im getting from everybody I approached. Thank you for your trust and believe in me and for accepting the insanity of words/expressions/gestures I present with full comprehension that I mean to entertain and put a smile on your faces. I could not be any happier. Honestly.

Since we bring you nothing but the HAWT & ZAXY in town, todays’s guest is no stranger to that category of people. Mr.Yousef Al-Fadalah, he is 26 years young, *cough* single *cough* oriented by his distinctive origins, half Kuwait, half Scottish, he, is a young entrepreneur, studies and runs his own online business that has sprays and splashes of youth written all over it, Jersey Box. The name is self explanatory, whats underneath it is an original idea with a competitive edge.

I’v always said that eyes betray us by revealing how we feel or what our intentions are, with Yousef you can tell that he’s a man with a kind heart, specifically for children, plus he is one of the sweetest people I’v communicated with, very easy going and down to earth, im sure you’ll figure that out when you read on and know him a tad better.

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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Qaoud

Well I halted the interviews section due to the long – Pause & Resume – vacation we had and since everything is back to normal, interviews are back too.

I could not be any happier to find more and more talents from this country in all fields. Today’s guest is no exception, he comes in as one of the youngest people we had on

Yousef is a HAWT/Single/SPANKIN NEW kid on the block, a future architect and at the tender age of 20, he has his own company, Q designs. I wont get into the mess of details, imma let him holler at you.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2010
interview 12:18 AM

Khaleejesque chose p0ach

The 1,000,000+ readers blog, Khaleejesque, chose p0ach as one of Kuwait’s most inspiring people in their “25-26 Kuwait liberation” special edition.

We Sat down (tarab3ana) with the kind people over there and made a nice lil interview with them.

Could not be any happier. Honored and thrilled actually.

Read it here.

Thank you Fouz Al-Sabah for the interview.
Thank you Faisal Al-Essa for the photo-shoot session taken of me, your “chalet” made studio, wardrobe and styling. Lord knows I suck in these departments. HAH!

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February, 2010
interview 7:52 PM

Abdullah Interviews Sara Al-Sayegh

You guys seem to love the interviews section so much and you’v also asked that we have more powerful ladies gracing p0ach’s front page and we can do nothing but accept.

Today’s guest, the fine miss Sara Al-Sayegh, aside from her multitasking excellence on so many fields like currently being an architecture student, a business development executive, a member of T-Square magazine, an active member in various committees, she too has space for her own business, Osaka restaurant.

I told you last week, that women from this loving, blessed country of ours are the equivalent of a success formula.

Being 21 years young with all of these projects in hand, makes you, Sara, a muse for me and many others for sure.

Get to know this friday’s HAWT guest more.

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February, 2010
interview 2:54 PM

Abdullah Interviews Rawan Al-Nafisi

Another blessed day for sure, I am beyond thrilled and happy to have today’s guest, the fine Miss Rawan Al-Nafisi to grace the front page of

Look, its very simple, a single young girl, at the tender age of 23, holding a cam, doing her thing on canvas, graphic designs, successful and has her own business, STUDIO R, means one thing and one thing only, Kuwaiti young women are the new formula of what success is.

Down to earth with her experiences and already has a “p0ach ANGEL” award without her knowing it, simply because, aside from her hard hitting professional job, she, has a passion on the side, photographing Kids. When you touch on a subject like that you own me. completely. You cant go wrong with kids thats all im saying.

Shy as ever from the outside, bold, powerful, determined and in control from the inside, meet a local HAWT angel blazing the way for whats IN, dope and successful.

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January, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdulwahab Al-Faris

I am extremely happy and delighted with today’s big shining star that graces p0ach’s front page.

There is nothing more elegant/breathtaking/royal than being a horseman, a horse’s friend a loyal companion and, why not, a fierce competitor with a vision to empower the country’s youth.

Aside from his local and international success, he is very easy and flexible to deal with and I loved how easy going he went with the whole interview flow. I must confess that I share the same interest in horse riding, never rode one though, so you owe me a free lesson Wahab, yes ?

Get to know a local talent that will definitely inspire you.

Ladies, *ahem* he might sweep you off your feet, *gasp* and click away!

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