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August, 2010
interview 12:05 AM

Essa’s Take on the parliament “Theory Of Seasons”

Essa Adel Al-Essa’s interview on Al-Sabah News Channel about the relevancy of the Theory Of Seasons to the Parliament.

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More info on ESSA Al-ESSA Here.

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July, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Qanai

I love nay sayers, naysayers are a gift. They make you want to prove them wrong, work hard on yourself, create something new and blaze a new route to success.

I understand that many of you are very familiar with AYMSTRONG, a community that supports fitness and overall well being. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this community, starting with the meaning of the word AYMSTSTRONG, vision, goals and the master mind behind it all.

Today’s guest is Mr.Yousef Al-Qanai, CEO and founder of AYMSTRONG. I have not met the guy honestly, but we communicate over email a lot, he seems fun and down to earth yet focused and determined to achieve everything he puts his mind to.

There are many wonderful highlights in this interview, however, my personal favorite is how he went on to study a field that seems intangible to his parents, his culture and country all in all. Still, he made a success story out of this situation, created his own company, certified as a fitness expert from the ISSA, DWFitness and is now the youngest arab to ever join a Marathon Des Sables, which will be held in 2011.

Also, Yousef was kind enough to share his success story, his before and after transformation pictures, lots of deep candid details that await you readers.

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Extreme Sports
July, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdulrahman Al-Zanki “7aMaNiii”

A few days ago I made a post about a 14 year old Kuwaiti kid who made an application for the iPhone. I mentioned how happy I was when I discovered him, his talents and things of that nature BUT my level of content got bigger and bigger the more I communicate with him over email.

Ofcourse I had to highlight him in my interviews section PRONTO. Aside from being a breath of fresh air and a galaxy of politeness, he’s not geeky or freaky, he’s funny, easy going, loves his BMX bike, has a new found interest in photography and he’s a joy to talk to.

Many of us wanted to create an APPLICATION for the iphone/ipad never done it because we had this lovely phrase on repeat “But I dont know how ? who do I contact ? then do what ?” im so ashamed to say Im one of those people. This KID gave me a reality slap and 10,000 MG of self confiedence back to my veins. Hope he does the same to you and brighten your vision with a “If 7aMaNiii did it, I can too” line.

He is the youngest guest to ever grace the front page of // 7aMaNiii YOU ARE A GIFT TO KUWAIT. Lemme just rephrase this sentence I have stuck inside the core of my brain cells:

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

clear ? yes ? ok !

Now you know I wont spill out everything, imma let him talk to you guys, READ ON !

wait wait wait – isint he adorable ??

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
June, 2010
interview 11:48 AM

Abdullah Interviews Aziz Al-Mudhaf

I knew Aziz long time ago, he is a dear friend. Im trying to pull out words or scenarios that brought us together, all I could think of is Laughter, literally, the moment I remember him, I get lots of flashbacks on how/when/where I fell down off of a couch or a sofa laughing hysterically. Aziz, the lil kim intro ? We wont go there, HAH!

Honestly though, Aziz is an artist, an energy field mashed up from all different sources of creativity, made into human form. He is that and lots of other things put together, but most of all he is extremely polite, very down to earth and just full of joy.

On a serious note, I remember how I enjoyed talking to him about religion, spirituality, society, Kuwait, friends and all that is big and beautiful, he gave me lots of mature answers, very open and honest. RARE. Indirectly, he taught me to never judge. It took me a while to understand this concept. I then slowly began to inhale everything without rejections or red flags. Thank You AZIZ.

One day, He showed me some of his paintings that were just jaw dropping and I thought how can he not have shown me this earlier ? I thought that this is what people should show off to the masses out there who are hungry for real, raw stuff that came from within. I thought this is one of the most beautiful pieces done by a Kuwaiti at the tender age of 18 (back then), he is 20 years young now. The energy, colors, expression used were evident. Sublime work.

See that ? Thats what Im talking about for the longest period. The only reason why I have people like Aziz here is to show you that talent exists even though major elements like having a mentor, a full fledged support system, over all awareness of what your doing, all of these are major elements of success, AZIZ didnt have any of that, still, he swam against the tides and MADE IT !

Aziz today is an artist, design consultant, graphic designer and a stylist. I am so proud of you and I wish I was a better friend. You are sincerely dear to me.

Enough of what I think or the impression I might give, get down and read what he has to say to yall. Oh and the boy is HAWT so please ladies/nasties, behave !

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June, 2010
interview 12:10 AM

Abdullah Interviews Meshari Al-Mudhahkah

Its that friday again, a brand new interview with someone I know you want to meet, because many of you asked me to have him up on the blog. I asked and he was extremely sweet and open, he said YES, it still feels great when I ask anyone for an interview and they kindly agree, it just feels great !

Meshary caught my attention long time ago, aside from being one of the freshest, most friendliest faces on TV, I knew he secretly had a blog running, I wont reveal it, you have to find all about it yourselves, thats if your lucky.

We met back in november 2009, when I had an interview on Al-Watan TV, we immediately clicked, he’s funny as hell, very easy going and he thinks im KOKO in the brain, my vocabulary is vulgar and nasty – well, *ahem* he’s not exactly wrong. I mean he did see me jump on top of the sofa, throw everything next to me at friends, including shoes, when we play Mario Kart, poor thing was exposed, like for real. HAH!

Seriously though, in my humble opinion, it feels great to know someone as hungry and motivated as him. He is multi talented, still under 22 years young, full of life and a face you see everyday on TV while still in college.

Being a journalist at that tender age makes you see the other side of “Lights, Camera, Action” what you see on TV is just a fraction of what goes on in the background, he says. Time management is definitely another issue, you want to go out, have fun or just chill with friends, not exactly an option in his job description.

I always smile when I know all about the things I dont see or sense, Meshari gave me alot to smile about, some he shares down there, some I wont, how about that ?

There are lots of layers im not jumping into, I want you to get to know him yourselves, so go ahead, know a local sweetheart, Meshari !

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June, 2010
interview 12:18 AM

Abdullah Interviews Ahmad Al-Awadi

“I want that young film maker, the guy who did ADS with all that 3D animation mess, I want him on, i want people to see him, specially big companies” Thats what I casually said the other day to one of my colleagues. I swear to you, this country is so small, minutes later, my friend came back and said hey, I know how to get him for you. The rest is history.

Ahmad, is a dime. He was one of the people who worked on the iMax excellent piece “Journey To Mecca” that was showing in Kuwait’s Scientific centre, Perfection. This is where he turned his interest/hobby into a professional career, earned a diploma in 3D animation, got invited to visit PIXAR studios for an all around tour, met with the brightest people, learned all he could, brought it back with him to only grow bigger and better.

He’s extremely polite, down to earth, smart and passionate about what he does. Get to know him, meet AHMAD !

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May, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdullah S. Boftain

What I love about my guests is how open and trusting they are of me. It honestly feels great and overwhelming to find such rare spirits.

Abdullah Boftain today is a well known public figure to me and you all. However, I never knew his story, what was he really famous for, what energy did he bring about that reflected so much love from everyone around him ? I never knew that. Extremely pleased that he accepted my invitation for an online interview, it gives me so much pleasure to finally understand the many layers of knowledge, experience, family matters and self embrace he went through to get to where he is today.

Some people do not require an introduction, they’r people made for people. You see them everyday and think yeah I know this guy, but do you ? really ? As awkward as it may seem, i’d rather let him take you down through his journey and let you guys know eachother better.

As you’ll read on, you’ll find out how following your passion is the way to go. Abdullah sets a great example through the stories he shared with us all tonight. On a wonderful note, he admires local viewers, how they think and react gracefully. Yet, he sets his sight on higher grounds, international stardom with a message that leads positivity all the way from all aspects of life (you know im cheering for him right?).

I talked about how open he is, you see, he shared lots of information and personal pictures that includes family, traveling, personal stuff that just make you smile when you go through’em, you can tell he is an adventurer in a way or another. Very human, if I may add.

I’v always given a p0ach angel award to some ladies who graced the front posts of interviews, today, Abdullah is the first male recipient of a p0ach angel award, simply because his love and passion for his family is evident in each and every answer, so full of life and higher then the average man’s hopes and expectations on how to go about and do things. Awesome, just awesome!

Help me to give this young gentleman the warmth and love this spot is known for. Enough of me and get to know my guest.
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