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November, 2010
interview 9:21 PM

Abdullah Interviews Hamad Al-Zemami

I love books, I love to read and I definitely would LOVE to meet the authors of my favorite books. Its always special to get to sit down with an author, hear his take on something you interpreted from his own words. Its fascinating actually and a very rare experience. To me at least.

Im very pleased to have the kind and talented author Mr.Hamad AlZemami as a guest on

His latest effort, Tarateel, shot to #1 on local charts, critics fell in love with it and sales went pretty well.

This single, 25 years young author, Mr.Hamad was kind enough to share lots of insights into his personal, future perspectives, success story and his philosophy in life.

Try and get to know him yourselves a bit better.

Meet Hamad

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November, 2010
interview 12:29 PM

Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Ghanim

“Wow, these pics are great, who took’em ?” I kept asking the first time I laid eyes on the wonderfully talented & “B”eautiful Miss Dana Al-Ghanim’s pictures. A few days later I received an email from a friend telling me about her & the exhibition she held “wild eyes”. I smiled and kept my mouth zipped. Kuwait is so tiny and people are extremely meshed and mashed all together.

Aside from her talent as a photographer, courage and photogenic-fit-for-a-fashion-magazine-cover-full-10-page-spread, was her honesty. You’ll read her answers and feel you’v known her years ago. She opens up about her childhood, current state of mind and future vision, all of that and she’s still 17 years young.

Why am I excited about this ? Well, if you are that young, a woman, in a male dominated society, holding your own exhibition, bold enough to say YES thats my creation in a calm but an in your face attitude, what do you want me to expect of her and young women like her when they reach 27? These young people are success formulas, only the wise will comprehend.

This is where a salute comes to the parents, I call them the hit makers, they brought in to that young girl’s soul a seed called “I BELIVE IN YOU” “I trust you” “Yes, you are talented”, you can only imagine what the outcome will look like. Better yet, stop imagining and look at this live example, look at Dana.

Some say tell me what cologne you wear and i’ll predict your personality. With Dana, a glimpse of her photos gives you a full understanding of what she is. Full of life, hope and definitely a fearless spirit.

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Extreme Sports
November, 2010
interview 3:34 PM

Abdullah Interviews Hamad Al-Ali

52 Degrees took kuwait by storm. Lots of exposure versus lots of mystery. Thats how I saw it.

Im fortunate enough to have friends from every field imaginable in the country. Thats how I am able to bring you lots of dishes that are interesting, fresh and somewhat amusing.

Today’s guest is Mr.Hamad Sami Al-Ali, a single local sweetheart, has energy for days, in a jolly good mood almost always with the biggest smile imaginable. That does not strip away his serious, career focsued persona. As you’ll explore below, he’s been working since he was 18 years young till date, professional resumé has most major big players in the business including NBK and ZAIN.

52 Desrees is his latest project. He’s been kind enough to let me into his personal and professional state of mind and so you know what I’d do next right ? leak it to you, HAH!

Seriously though, for those who still did not get 52 Degrees, the concept, idea and overall vision behind it clean and clear, this is your chance to know what its all about, ask questions and share your thoughts.

Hamad is one of the men working behind the scenes in this brand new establishment. Get to know him a bit more.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
October, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mishaal A. Al-Jarki

Alright you guys, here is a quick interview highlighting Mr.Mishaal Al-Jarki, a young business enterpenur, with two business outlets.

Divine Sweets Bakery and Movement Logistics.

Read on and get to know Mishaal, a young, self motivated Kuwaiti individual

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October, 2010
interview 2:09 AM

Abdullah Interviews Fatima Al-Othman

P2BK was a portal for me to meet lots of wonderful talents in the country. F20 Designs was no exception, however I never knew who was behind it, the whole concept and what’s it all about ?

I met this wonderful spirit, the gorgeous and talented FATIMA AL-OTHMAN, electronically on twitter, we became friends almost instantly. The energy she brings about is amazing. For instance, i’d read tweets that’d go like this:

“Im having a great day//im about to meet a client//Green Apple//preparing a package//having breakfast” Its so refreshing to read tweets that are hate/complaints and drama free. I think it shows in her smile.

The iconic AFRO character she brought into the world is just beautiful. She created a guy who looks good in any hair style and anything he’s wearing. This iconic figure is the face of F2O designs, seen in nearly all her creations, here’s a quick sample:

This character is her own creation, nothing copied or duplicated, lets get that clear and out of the way. She went ahead and made lots of amazing artworks that are definitely creative, IN and current.

She even made something really special for *ahem* yours truely, the dinosaur, Mr.P0ach. HAH! But I cant share anything with you guys just yet, ITS A SECRET.

I hope you understand that this young woman, out of her own mental daydream series, created her own empire pursuing what she loves which came from within. She established a name, character, creative outlet and a loyal fan base. That, to me, is success.

Externally, she may be awesomely HAWT. What’s inside is double that and more. Beautiful, full of light and wonderful energy are only small fractions of what she is, get to know her yourselves !

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October, 2010
interview 10:43 PM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Roumi

Its friday, a blessing indeed on so many levels for sure.

Many of you asked me where on earth are the interviews? Well, everything is here, I have everything archived and I have many guests that are about to strangle me for not publishing their stories yet, some im about to contact, lots of exciting stuff to come, BUT here’s the thing:

Most of you were out of the country, school started like 2-3 weeks back so I was waiting for everything to go back to normal for one reason and one reason only. GIVE THE BEST EXPOSURE POSSIBLE TO MY GUESTS. Thats what I do incase you didn’t figure that out by now.

*Fast Forward/Tape Sound*

Today, I have Mr.Yousef Al-Roumi, Co-Owner of . A website offering multiple sections and categories to choose from i.e; Electronics, clothes, accessories and food too. I personally love the color layout and how clean everything’s presented. As a blogger, I understand how hard it is to come up with clean layouts. Here’s how you should see it “The cleaner it looks, the harder it takes to create”, trust me.

Honestly im so happy and pleased by how the youth of this country are moving ahead with whats new and hip even on Electro/technical levels. I mean pushing up the E-Commerce envelop ahead by young brains is always refreshing to me and challenging for a society that was used to always choose cash, use the internet just to chat or *ahem* wasting electronic abilities on some electro trash non-sense. Trust me, im not pointing my fingers at the society, im including myself in that, simply because I did not know what else to do. I used the internet way back in 95, started a semi blog by 2003, im not getting into that right now, unpleasant productive stories for sure, HAH!

Seriously though, change is always hard but wonderful, vibrant and simply exciting on the long run, and to have that change revamped by fellow citizens that young is a blessing itself.

Many things came to mind like what is the meaning of Venyooo, how they did it, what boundaries came ahead and so forth, Yousef was kind enough to answer all my questions and some more.

Go ahead, get to know Yousef a bit more and check out his successful story.

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August, 2010
interview 1:13 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mohammed Al-Dhubaib

Interviews are back, had a nice break from hosting’em since you lovelies been out and about on vacation galore.

Back in january 2010, Mohammed Al-Dhubaib & his cousin invited me to sink my teeth in their sicilian cuisine creation, Melenzane. I did, I reviewed it and the crowd went WAW.

However, due to construction delays surrounding the restaurant, all they could offer was a low key, call before you come, welcome. Trust that the owners wanted everyone to rush in, have a great time and just enjoy the atmosphere that screamed “escapism”.

I’v always seen Mohammed socializing with people I knew from time to time, never had the chance to properly introduce myself. When we met, all it took was 10 minutes, then I felt home. Like I knew the guy from ages. Very open, sincere, down to earth, grounded, super polite and very very funny yet attentive.

I remember while we were sitting, I grabbed Mohammed on the side and I slowly said “so how did all of this come together ?” I was referring to the whole project. He gave me the proud father face and said ” You really wana know ? really ? Its a long story, I don’t want to bore you” I said, shoot, but gimme some sweet sweet dessert and coffee coffee so I can fo focus with you. I was still in a daze after all the eye pleasing, stomach feeding, heart warming servings of excellence we got.

As he was telling the story, I was in shock. The idea of quitting your job, keeping a secret from your family for the longest time, not having a steady income, living in fear, ignoring everyone and everything because you believe in a dream that you may or may not create is beyond what anyone can bare. I was in shock and you, dear readers, wont understand why until you read about it below. I don’t want to spoil the fun but i’ll say this as a direct message to Mohammed :

“I am so proud of you, your story is full of courage, commitment and clarity, you did what most men claim they can but didn’t – keep your head high, you have my full support, love and appreciation.”

Lots of things were said, I prefer you read them from Mohammed directly.

Click away !

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