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September, 2010
Health 12:17 AM

Zexy: Red HAWT Nespresso

I finally gave in & went for it. My last european tour with my friend F.K.E was a blast, small shots of coffee were close friends of ours.

I remember how I was satisfied with two short cups of Espresso all day as appose to two VENTI/Large/Huge mugs of Starbucks/Caribou mixes. Not to mention health & price differences.

The dinosaur in me always had thoughts screaming “But thats not enough ? im used to big mugs, big sizes, big everything” not till I tasted this kind of coffee all over europe was I satisfied. When I became happy, satisfied and diggin it, I kept thinking “im buying one right after Ra Ra Ramadan”.

I remember when I went to Dr.Merhi in Lebanon back in 2009, that beautiful sweetheart, he ordered me not to drink and let me quote myself from that previous post “If you would like to have coffee grab those: Espresso. Arabian Coffee. Home Made Coffee. Avoid Nescafe. Ready made coffee from famous coffee shops. Anything with coffee mate”

That sounds healthy but it was hard to do. I love JAYJAY, our tea boy at work, but with all the staff and nasties at work, I dont think i’m getting my coffee right, I thought well what the heck lemme just go ahead with it.

Alright, so first of all, let me show you peeps how its like “im sure some of ya’ll are familiar with it, however the way I saw peeps examining it at the boutique made me take lots of pix” :

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July, 2010
Health, Wisdom 12:02 AM

Be Wise, Read: Sean Faris

“I hate junk food. It depresses me”

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Extreme Sports
June, 2010
Health 12:06 AM

Al-Maidan Clinic: Dr.Freshta

This woman is amazing, utterly utterly amazing.

My family over at twitter knows that I went ahead and got braces on my zexy teeth.

I never wanted to go through this because I did not want the “Please no, no no injections please”, then people told me to hit her office and ask for DR.FRESHTA, specifically. I never knew why, but I did the “check up on it” procedure. Glad I did !

Out of manners, I did not hug that woman, she was so full of love, very up beat and extremely friendly. While she was introducing herself, I realized that I was listening to some jazz music, then slowly went to Norah Jones and the likes of her in the background, then, just then, she said “I dont use injections in my office, at all”

This is where I let my guard down, felt really comfy, started humming the music while she took my oral measurements, she told me about what she does here, where she hangs and stuff of that nature, I felt so comfortable, all that stupid phobia disappeared, I never wanted that experience to end, EVER!

I’ll be updating you guys on what happens with this fine and highly talented, PARIS graduate, magician!

Contact – Click on the AD on the TOP

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2010

Just incase your wondering

Im a big big big spender on this application I saw on Mark’s spot.

Its amazing, amazing, amazing I tell ya !

Mark said everything worth saying on how I feel regarding magazines, prices, how and where to get them, the state of the damn magazines too ohhhhh and did we mention the black marker everywhere ?

Oh and hey, Mark points out that this is an iPAD application which is rightfully so, HOWEVER, you can view these magazines in full affect on your computer mac/windows.

I’v already subscribed to 7 magazines and I cant believe how quick, easy, cheap and INSTANTLY i get my fix together, AHHHH go grab on to it NOW !


Plus you have to download a free software from adobe called ADOBE AIR, its basically an app that helps you read, zoom, rotate and go upside down inside out, yes ?

MARK, how can I take snaps/screen caps like that ?

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March, 2010
Health 5:01 PM

Attention: Help Jayashree

My heart’s been aching and my eyes have been tearing down non stop, cuz there isint much I can do but spread the message and hope that companies, organizations or people take notice.

In short, Jayashree is an Indian woman treated here in Kuwait, a wife, a mother who’s been diagnosed with Blood Cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Phidalphia Positive  ALL PH+). She is currently getting treatment at Kuwait Cancer Control Center.

Read here to get the whole story in details.

Just incase you want to authenticate this story, call Kuwait Govt Hospital Number as below. 00965-24849100. EXT# 2061

To donate here are the information needed

Customer Name :
- Satyabrata Das Bhaskar Kumar Das
Account Number :
- 0660046160110
Bank Name & Branch :
- NBK, KNPC Branch
Bank Address:
- NBK,KNPC Head Office, Ahamadi, Kuwait

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January, 2010
Health 12:02 AM

Abdullah Likes: B Complex by Nature Made.


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November, 2009
Health 12:02 AM

Health: WALK

The weather is beyond amazing so no excuses now.


You do want to bring the heat back when summer hits right ? Well it wont happen while you sit and gossip.


Let’s calculate this together shall we ?

December, jan, feb, mar, april, may, 6 months ? do you know what happens to people in 6 months ? They TRANSFORM. Hell, women bring new babies to the world in 3 more months.


*miss jackson did it in 3 months.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together