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November, 2011
fun 1:01 AM

When the Internet Goes Gown

I’v witnessed some of the stated mess above done by many.

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October, 2011
fun 11:58 AM

The Best Of: خالتي قماشه

Awww, this brings back JOY. Remember Joy ? That element many of you miss while complaining/reading useless newspapers.

Thank you @SMART0y

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Extreme Sports
September, 2011
fun 10:37 AM

Viral: Back Up Song

It felt stupid at first, then it grew a lot on my taste buds, HAHA!

This is the ORIGINAL video

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
September, 2011
fun 11:39 PM

Aziz: High School Advice

This time Aziz does not rant.

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August, 2011
fun 2:15 PM

Speak Kuwaiti, A Book

My friend, Yousef, keeps sends me all kinds of messy mess from all corners of the globe.

This time, however, he sent me something I found KOKO, still, useful.

Specially to those on TV shows. Wow, when they speak, music and all mythological muses come rushing to me, specifically this phrase:

“Dish bil 6oof” not 6oofa, mind you.

Love the second phrase !

I mean, anyone buying this should just let me know ok ? LAWWWD knows I need an improved audio experience.

Got a bit tired of hearing koko words and going ….


p.s: Read the last phrase where they translate how to say “This is too big” – “Hazzaa wayeid Kabeer”


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August, 2011
fun 2:44 PM

Classic: مريم الغضبان

Thank you @halfcreammilk

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August, 2011
fun, Photography 2:11 PM

Baby Gergai3aan pics – The winners !

First of all, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SENT THEIR PIX – it means the world to me !

OFCOURSE – A big thank you to Mr.Meshal AlWatari and his team from

for all the love and support you gave p0ach so far.

This is what they’r sending to the (Baby Pics) *Gergai3aaan Edition* winners, featuring Queen Anmar

A beautiful Gergai3an set with a special comic book – The 99′s Special – Made by Mr.Naif Al-Mutawa.

Want to see the winners ??


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together