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April, 2011
Food 12:27 AM

Muffy Cake “all proceeds go to Japan” week

Muffy Cake is doing an “all proceeds go to Japan” week. Where anyone that orders from April 3- April 9 will get to enjoy yummy desserts, while the profits of the desserts you are indulging go to the Japanese Embassy to help Japan.

Make your orders now, and gain harmless calories for a good cause!

FB group: Muffy Cake
Twitter: @muffycake07

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March, 2011
Food 12:01 AM

Coming Soon: Choowy Hits Dubai

“Today our location in Dubai mall started construction , we are really proud of our brand is a opening a huge bakery in the biggest mall in the world”

All the best ESSA, so proud of you !

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Extreme Sports
March, 2011
Food 12:50 AM


Last year, I chose Kakao as my fav/best design booth at the p2bk event. Usually what I think is based on overall presentation and the whole package put together.

Forget about last year, sit down and stare at these babies for a while. Im not sure but I think they call them Yogi Pop.

Now Miss Nada, I dont know what kind of love drug you were on when you created this, but Maam, what you did is BEYOND MAGNIFICENT !

These little pieces of heaven are made out of Yogurt and I SWEAR they melt in your mouth quicker than anything you had in your whole entire life. I swear.

LAWWD !! I need aretha to pray with me cuz we gon need a whole choir in the house, Aretha baby – come on out – throw that damn wig !!

ohhh and a bit of hair whippin back-forth-side & upside-down.

YES !! These babies were that good – Another HIT !

Pops are brand new – as in REALLY REALLY brand new – Have some at the p2bk event, they have a booth.


+965 – 97162323

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
March, 2011
Food 9:55 AM

Innocent Discussion: Frozen Yogurt Joints

My favorite and only topping I ask for in any froyo joint is Raspberries.

Why do I only see 3 – 4 pieces on top – Why so little ?

If it’s expensive, why dont you jump up the price tag ?

My favorite spot right now is Zero Degrees for two reasons:

- The yogurt is low in sugar 3.1 g for the large cup.

- I ask them to throw in some raspberries, yogurt comes in later, THEN I have more raspberries on top.

Happy freak indeed.


Well, anyone shares the same ?

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March, 2011
Food 8:24 AM

Favorite Nespresso Coffee Capsules ?

These are mine.

- Livanto

- Decaffeinato Intenso

- Arpeggio

Chosen cuz acidity in’em is ZERO. Mixed with soy milk guarantees a float-y mingle in the jungle.

Which ones are yours ?

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March, 2011
Food 1:28 PM

Delightful: Oreo Pops

The boys over at Q8BLACKMARKET did a great job covering this piece of zexiness all together.

Now, listen, this may look regular to you *sigh* but baby ? when you pop these mini bombs in your little mouth, it will BLOW you away.

Ohh and dont even think of putting it next to you while talking/watchingTV or checking my blog *slap* cuz you’ll shove it all down your throat – Just – like –  that –  *snap*

Loved it and its simplicity. Nice stuff.

Thank you W !

Contact them here:

99 17 99 28

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March, 2011
Food 1:12 PM

FroYo: Home Berry

Another nice entry in the FROYO (Frozen Yogurt) market.

I like the idea of them preparing the whole thing in the car/truck, right at your door steps then shove it up your throat.

Nice taste.

Only one very small recommendation though, can you guys have a better guy answering the phone when taking orders, I had a mini communication malfunction.

Great work !

*Thank you @halfcreammilk for the pic & *ahem* paying too. HAH!

Check out these links too Here & Here.



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