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February, 2011
Design 10:36 AM

United Towers: Spectacular

Saw this building’s LED night lighting settings, was a bit like a peacock or maybe a mermaid, whatever it was, it was Spectacular.

Loved it, searched for it, found this beautiful pic at THOUQ.

Learn more about it here.

***would love it if someone could send in a night version of it, THANKS***

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March, 2010
Design 12:04 AM

Banta – Kuwait

My friend at work, F, handed me a very well put together brochure he brought from Banta. Unfortunately, the brochure he gave me is not on their website.

Basically, if your not in the mode to BUILD your chalet, ranch or what have you, they have ready made units, complete with furniture, air condition system, plumming, electricity, the whole nine yards.

In our chalet, there is an empty space I’d like to occupy using a unit like this, either from them or anyother company, so if ya’ll know a place that does stuff of that nature, i’d love to know about’em.

In the mean time, enjoy their catalogue found on their website below.


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Extreme Sports
March, 2010
Design 12:03 AM

Abu Dhabi: Sleep Box

Tell the geniuses not to stop, I love this and I cant wait to sleep there, probably make a documentary, yeah ?

Here is what you need to know, excuse the crazy english:

Size: 2 m x 1,40m x 2,30m to sleep in comfort and security.

Cheap sleep in case of emergency for anyone rich or poor!!

No time wasted looking for a hotel

Designed to be installed at train stations and airports, and central public places or cities where accommodation is fully booked.

In tropical climate countries the sleeper box can be installed outdoors in main streets.

The space includes bed, linen, ventilation system, alarm. LCD TV, WiFi , space for your laptop and re chargeable phone. Under your bed and floor there is a cupboard for your luggage.

Payment is made at terminals who will give clients an electronic key that can be purchased for 15 minutes or for as many hours as you need.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
February, 2010
Design 12:01 AM

What Am I Doing

Some of the renovation mess in my room. I want this dilemma to end. Immediately.

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February, 2010
Design 12:04 AM

Bahrain Is Cute

I guess that sums it up. Any smaller escalator ? :P

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January, 2010
Design 12:04 AM

Renovating Tips

Im revamping my bedroom on so many levels, yet the most important element that’s been on my mind is the parquet floors.

I know that this is a no brainer for many of you with taste/world exposure/all around/know it all/lovelies, STILL, I need you to choose, should I grab the light or dark wood floor ?

*im looking for something earthy, something I can mix with sea sand, shells and a nice flower bouquet on the side. Throw your cents at me, HAH!

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January, 2010
Art, Design 12:05 AM

Meet Jassim Al-Nashmi pt.2

We featured Jassim previously here to showcase his stuff on the blog.

He’s extremely polite, and ladies *cough* this one *cough* is single, umm hmmm, oh and here is the rest of the story on how he got his nice piece all together:

I got a 7 Kg polished base and welded a chrome steel rod to it. At the top of the rod there is a small screw and the glass top has a circular steel bar with a screw hole. So the glass top screws to the rod and makes a table. The glass top comes off so the it can be cleaned, but mainly for the table to be portable so that you can take the hangers out and move the table elsewhere without the ris of damaging the hangers.

Random funfacts:
The table currently sits in my bedroom in Kuwait being used as a laptop stand.

This product would be categorized as a form of industrial design which is what I plan on minoring in next year Inshallah.

There are 76 hangers which cost KD7 altogether, nobody that I showed it to realised that a hanger (3ilag) was the module until I picked the top one up and revealed the truth.

If you have any questions, Contact him HERE.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together