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September, 2011
class 1:53 AM

Class: Dancing

What is this ?

#1 @ 1 Minute 06 seconds.

#2 @ 1 Minute 19 seconds.

Kokeesa ? Never saw this before.

Beautifully elegant.

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September, 2011
class 4:23 PM

Class: We Love Salwa VS Egypt

The woman has a point. No ?

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Extreme Sports
September, 2011
class 12:01 AM

Class: Divine Rags

I love it when he hushes the model.

Ladies, show us what you got from Divine Rags, ok ?

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August, 2011
class 2:38 AM

Class: Best AD In Ramadan EVER

Pollution is not always about gas, smoke and wasted lands.

We feel pain, audible and visual. Not to mention lack of taste in a country that beats standards everyday.

Champion, I have no words. I can not start to explain to you how painful and inappropriate this ad is.

The company that did this to you ? *tsk tsk tsk tsk*

I really want to see what she’s asking for. Really.

There are a bunch of others produced too. The one where the dad decides that the whole family should join the gym, yeah remember that ? THAT does not represent Kuwait. Not in any shape, size or form. I don’t know who you were targeting.

Smile, I tend to have a comedic value under this. However, please hire another company to produce stuff for you and avoid critical flaws. Specially the highly athletic model/actor in the end.


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August, 2011
class 2:55 AM

Class: Smack In The Face – iPAD


Saw it at Sh!_weComeUpWit

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August, 2011
class 7:12 PM

Class: يا ولدااه

Very Special dedication to @aziz_alfouzan @balghanim and @mad_fan

Party starts at 1 min 24 secs, if you’d like to see the choreography.

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August, 2011
class 9:00 PM

Class of all Class: غنيمة

“ياااااي – وااااي – ياااااي – انه لذيييذ”


“بو بدر – بو بدر – بوبدر”


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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together