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July, 2012
Awareness 12:01 AM

Aware-Ness: Protect Yourself

Please take the time to watch and listen to this.


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June, 2012
Awareness 12:03 AM

Aware-Ness: Hill Holliday

The (RED)RUSH to Zero campaign begins today—a 10-day initiative to raise funding and awareness to help deliver an AIDS Free Generation by 2015, a critical milestone in the fight against AIDS.

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Extreme Sports
May, 2012
Awareness 12:04 AM

Rare Jewel: Luluwa

لولوه المجيبل ، طفله كويتيه أحبت مساعدة الآخرين ليس لأنهم محتاجون فقط، بل تسعى بذلك للقرب من الله وتربية نفسها على خدمة مجتمعها. تم تصوير هذا الفيديو بشكل حقيقي وطبيعي أثناء تجوال لولوه في الشارع لمساعدة الفقراء وفي المستشفى، أحببت أن أوثق هذه اللحظات لها، كي لا تنسى بعد أن يمضي بها العمر كيف كانت طفولتها نقيه ونفسها خيّره.
لكن وجدنا أننا مسئولين أمام مجتمعنا وأمتنا بأن تكون أنفسنا كــ لولوه ، لذلك نشارككم هذا الفيديو.
ولا تنسونا من خالص دعائكم.
لولوة وأسرتها

فكره وسيناريو: ناصر المجيبل
مونتاج واخراج: عبدالرحمن الخليفي
written by: Nasser Almujaibel
Directed by: Abdul.rahman Alkhulaifi

Bless her heart.

Mr.Abdulrahman AlKhulaifi, contact me please.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2012
Art, Awareness 12:04 AM

Dana AlNafisi’s Take On Re-Use 5.0

A friend showed me some random scenes, here and there from the reuse campaign.

The only thing that grabbed my attention is Dana’s piece you see here on the post.

I believe its made of recycled pepsi cans ? Im not sure, but its some recycled stuff. Loved it immediately, who can say no to gold glam madness ?

With that being said, please have a look at it, more details below:

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May, 2012
Awareness 12:02 AM

Aware-Ness: Care

“70% of abused children turn into abusive adults”

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April, 2012
Awareness 9:37 PM


“Solidarity. It begins by putting oneself in the shoes of the others”

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April, 2012
Awareness 12:02 AM

Aware-Ness: Domestic Violence

jala prt   1 of 3   clothes   ogilvy indonesia   jakarta

jala prt   2 of 3   dishes   ogilvy indonesia   jakarta

jala prt   3 of 3   mop   ogilvy indonesia   jakarta

“Jala PRT - National Network for Domestic Workers Advocacy - When domestic helpers themselves need help”

Hope this throws some light into your lives. How you communicate your message with those who help you around the house.

Kindness is key.

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