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April, 2012
interview 12:04 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mubarak AlSabah

A while back, I made a post about the country’s hot new topic, Humbah.

I say its a hot topic because of the buzz my mug comes across on all social media outlets from blogs, tweeps and Instagram. I love this. Sharing the success of a new business from all angles i.e; Pictures, opinions or a simple gesture of “liking” what you see.

Met Mubarak casually on a beautiful afternoon on one of Humbah’s promotional tours across the country – Must say was impressed to see him there, supervising, checking and making sure everyone is having a good time.

Had a brief chat on “Why the name?” simply because thats what everybody kept nagging on, when did you do this, why now and the stories kept on coming.

Wont burn/spoil the fun – all you inquisitive creatures have a lot to explore ahead.

Please help me welcome Mubarak and make this young single bachelor comfortable on the front page of


Introduce yourself.

I am Mubarak Al-Sabah, turned 23 last week, a fresh entrepreneur, politician and media relations specialist.  My major interests are photography, water sports, the gym, volleyball, football, art, reading, traveling, those spontaneous adventures with the ones I love and anything to do with peanut butter.  I studied at the American School of Kuwait, American University of Kuwait and the University of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in Media Advertising and degree in Marketing. I also studied filmmaking at New York Film Academy, Universal Studios California in 2004.  I co-own a Kuwaiti-made burger joint called Humbah (just 5 weeks in the market). I have been recently employed at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC).

My favorite and most treasured moments have and will always be the ones spent with my family.
Most enjoyable childhood memories are the ones spent in the chalet, and the summers in London.
My childhood memories in the chalet are usually the ones spent at the beach, arguing with my cousins while playing Pog, watching laser-disc movies or that anxious hour of waiting for the delivery man to bring our burgers- yes, food was an activity of its own.
London memories are mostly the ones spent in Hyde Park chasing my cousins with my bicycle which later evolved to rollerblades and scooters. Not forgetting the delicious sweet-flavored popcorn from Odeon Kensington.



After Graduation.

After my bachelor’s degree in 2011, I started a burger joint with Mohammed Al-Soudan, friend and business partner.

It all began during Ramadhan, when we applied for governmental jobs that took ages for an acceptance or response. So what we did (instead of laying at the Dewaniya doing nothing at all) was plotting business ideas down on paper. This kept us up all night. What stood out the most was the idea of making a movable restaurant; a restaurant on wheels.

Humbah was born.


Humbah. “Stuff Yourself with the Good Stuff”

After those long days and nights planning a new concept and trying numerous burgers we ended up making Humbah; it is fully designed and branded by us- so are the ingredients and recipes. Humbah’s first appearance was at the K-Town Carnival in Shamiya’s Wahran Park. The big trailer grabbed everyone’s attention.  After two weeks in the market, Humbah’s twitter page recorded 1,000 followers. Therefore, a new burger was introduced to Humbah’s “Good Stuff” (or menu). Also, during the Proud To Be Kuwaiti (P2BK) Carnival, Humbah receieved the most promising food concept by both AlKout Food Group and P2BK. You can follow Humbah  @humbahkw for more info about the business.



Inspiration and Support.

My family and friends inspired me the most. They also supported me during my studies- both locally and abroad, fulfilling my aspirations, and the making of my business. I thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart. They made me who I am today; my parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and relatives. I love you all. Allah la y7rimny minkm. A special shout out to my friends who have always been there for me.


Five years from now, I see myself on top of the pyramid, surrounded by the ones I love. I see myself married with children- enshallah. Leaving that aside, I must admit, I don’t live the future; I live the moment, the present. So whatever GOD has set for me I will surely live it at that moment, as for now, this is me, a fresh entrepreneur, politician and a guy living his dreams.


P0ach Readers.

To every reader out there:

If you have an idea, even the simplest idea, make it happen rather than speak it. “Walk the Talk, and Walk the Thought” I like to say.  You only live once, so make the whole part of it exciting.

Do one thing every day that you’ve never done before.






Important Message: Humbah is temporarily catering on a trailer for parties, events and carnivals. A brand new branch will be out very soon and delivery service also. Please send an email to for more info.

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6 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Mubarak AlSabah

  1. dudette on said:

    Cute interview .. Love the name ;)

  2. Noonz on said:

    He’s hot

  3. manaaaaYr on said:

    Was at UNI with me, i have to say………what a gentleman!

  4. لولو on said:

    ما شاء الله :)

  5. Nasser on said:

    Seriously, one of the nicest men I met mashallah. I am very happy to see what he his done, mashallah. It’s great he manages to turn an idea into a reality, and that is very inspiring to all of us. Keep up the good work Mubarak.

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