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March, 2012

Aware-Ness: Recycled Cotton

“Recycled cotton collection – by Crane Paper.”

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March, 2012
Awareness, Friends 7:27 PM

Boys & Girls, Jump in: Clickin

Dear ladies & gentlemen from KUWAIT !

My name is Helmar Haas, I am working in a youth center in Gratwein , Austria where young people
between 10 and 18 years can spend their freetime without drugs, alcohol, enjoy and participate activities.

6 months ago some youngsters of our youth center started very nice foto-project.

They are sending the logo from our youth center around the world, to
friends in other countries, to youth institutions and to tourist
offices and try to collect pictures with our logo from every country
around the world – until today they have pictures from 70 countries
and now we try to “finish” this project and try to get pictures from
the missing countries.

This project is a non-profit-project, nobody will earn money with it -
it´s a project from our youngsters with the idea to bring impressions
from all countries in the world to the youth center, to get young
people interested in other countries and cultures, and to motivate
young people to travel and experience the world. Our youth center and
this project have NO political, thic or religious background.

So that´s why we came to your homepage :)

That´s why we send you this mail to ask if you may help us?

Unfortunately we don´t have a picture with our logo from Kuwait (it´s
far from Europe, you know..), so we ask you if it´s possible for you
or one of your collegue to print our logo and make 2-3 pictures WITH
OUR logo at some special place in your city or somewhere in your
country and send it back to us per mail ? If you have no possibility
to print, it would be also no problem to send you our logo by post.

Our logo can be found HERE .

We would be very happy if you could help us and support us with a
picture from your town or somewhere in Kuwait !

For us I think it would be the only possibility also to include your
country in our project.

You can find some other pictures attached by mail or if you have a
registration on facebook below at this link:!/media/set/?set=a.1077012782769.9987.1749727294&type=1

Thanks a lot for your support and all the best !
With kind regards from the youth center ClickIn in Austria, Helmar Haas

Helmar Haas
ClickIn – Jugendtreff Gratwein
Schulgasse 10
8112 Gratwein
Austria <> <>

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Extreme Sports
March, 2012
Photography 5:19 PM

Someone left this on my desk *sigh*

Follow p0ach\\\\\\\’s instagram account for more enlightening details.

Someone left this on my desk *sigh*

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
March, 2012
Uncategorized 1:14 PM

Someone left this on my desk *sigh* (Taken with instagram)

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March, 2012
Uncategorized 3:33 PM

Miss having #breakfast with @fke (Taken with instagram)

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March, 2012
Uncategorized 2:46 PM

Loved True Blood S1|E8 (via Boxee) finally – time to watch my fav show “LAFAYETTE”

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March, 2012
Uncategorized 1:54 PM

France’s Finest, Baby Trop. Saint Tropez. (Taken with instagram)

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together